Virgen del Rocío Hospital, almost seven decades old of Sevillian medicine

He Virgen del Rocío University HospitalThe largest of Andalusia, is celebrating its anniversary. Last January 22 marked 69 years since it first opened its doors, giving an unprecedented boost to the hospital sector in the city. When in 1955 «Garcia Morato» Health Residence When it opened its doors there was only one main building, which is today the General Hospital, and it was exclusively a surgical centre.

For its construction, high-quality materials were used that were inappropriate at that time and in relation to its purpose, A new concept of health center was created, which had nothing to do with the Hospital de las Cinco LagoasWhich housed the current Andalusian Parliament.

«These actions have been harshly attacked, arguing that they are luxurious and disproportionate. But it must be said that these facilities are built with the decorum that the current progress of Spanish medicine demands and with excellent materials that guarantee that we are not constantly spending respectable sums of money on their entertainment. They cannot even be called disproportionate, as large areas still remain to be covered under this insurance, such as, for example, agricultural workers,” with the words Director General of Social Security, Fernando Coca de la PineraHealth residence was inaugurated.

Cardinal Bueno Monreal inaugurates the García Morato Hospital in January 1955


Social Security doctors, who were banned at the time, would come to the residence to operate on their patients, as it was a major surgical center, with a floor dedicated to the care of patients. The first women who, contrary to custom, did not want to give birth at home,

Garcia Morato was a patient Cared for by nurses and nuns of the Order of St. AnneWho remained in the hospital till the 1980s.

intensive care in 1969


On the other hand, it had no permanent staff of health workers, except for the group of resident doctors, so called not because they passed the MIR examination, but because They lived on the first floor of the house And they were always present in case of emergencies. This group of young doctors was the seed of the future of healthcare. internal Medicine,

Garcia Morato Hospital Building under construction


Today, the health sector and university hospitals become The largest clinical complex in Spain, Between that hospital with iron beds and white caps that we save today in the images of the ABC Graphic Archive of Seville, and today, there are almost Seven decades of Sevilian medicine,

Circoelectric bed in burn unit


Since 1955, Hospital Corps has not stopped growing and developing, adding Latest Health Advances, Gradually, areas of other specialties were included, such as traumatologyOr Mother and Child HospitalWhich opened on 16 April 1971.

The first child was admitted on 15 July 1971. The nursery was born as a center for acute diseases (such as diarrhea, fever, infectious pathologies…), which gradually became a hospital for the care and assistance of patients. chronic and complex diseases, In fact, the original structure was intended to care for children up to seven years of age and currently the pediatric age range extends to 14.

1.Exterior part of Mother and Child Hospital. 2. Inauguration day of Children’s Hospital in 1985. 3. Waiting Room

And the flagship of Andalusian healthcare already has more than 1,500 beds and approximately 10,000 professionals health care, management and other services to their workforce. Its experts provide even more service 48,000 admissions, 41,000 surgeries and 1,200,000 outpatient consultations, more than 268,000 emergencies, 450 transplants and 4,800 births. a city in the center of seville He does not sleep to take care of the thing that is most valuable: his health.


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