Fincimex on remittances to Cuba: “We have no pending operations”

Fincimex claims there are no remittance actions pending, but users report delays and lack of response.

Financial company Cimex SA, one of the carriers of remittances to Cuba, assured that they have no pending operations following the restoration of the banking incident that affected money transfers to the island.

“How long do we have to wait to get access to my money card as my money is up in the air since January 22,” claimed an affected person on the entity’s official Facebook page.

From Fincimex, they responded: “Your sender must claim the origin. We do not have any work pending on that date.”

This customer assured that “the sender has made several complaints” and “they will not let him cancel the transaction.” The agency through which you sent the money to Cuba tells you that the money has been processed at their bank.

She’s not the only Cuban affected. “I’ve been here since February 20th and nothing”; “I need to know if they have pending payments from January 29th because my payment is from that date and there have been multiple claims since the beginning and it appears I have already received the money and this is not the case Have,” were two other comments.

As we have said before on our page, obviously problems have not been resolved In Cuba. Evidence of this is that agencies such as Western Union, based in the United States, have not yet reestablished shipments to the island.

Discrepancies in compensation and unanswered claims create uncertainty among Cubans

As if that wasn’t enough, many customers claim on the Cuban financial company’s own website that their complaints and concerns have not been resolved.

Last month Fincimex confirmed that it is possible to make a claim for delayed remittances and that remittance companies abroad compensate their customers for failed transfers.

Also, he directed those who have not received the money to provide the following information by private message on Messenger:

  • identity card
  • Agency or place where money was sent to Cuba
  • receiving bank

Despite Fincimex’s statements, complaints from users on their social networks show that the problem of remittances to Cuba still persists. Delays in transfers, neglect of claims and lack of compensation create uncertainty and distrust among those who depend on this vital economic assistance.

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