Find Deals in Amazon’s Spring Sale

2. Focus on Amazon-branded products and household items

While thousands of items are on sale for the Big Spring Sale event, Amazon is not offering sitewide discounts. For the biggest savings, look for products like kitchenware and decor, Lappe says.

“Whereas with Black Friday and Prime Day, we see everything on sale to some degree, there seems to be a big push toward home goods in these sales,” says Ramhold.

Plus, like the Prime Day event, you’re likely to find big savings on Amazon-branded items, ranging from electronics like Echos and Kindles to Amazon Basics like clothing and office supplies.

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3. Confirm that you are receiving an offer

As with all Amazon deals, it can be helpful to put the prices you’re seeing into context to determine if the current sale price truly represents a savings. You can use the CamelCamelCamel app to view the price history of specific products on Amazon, so you know if a specific deal is worth taking advantage of.

“This is especially notable if the sale price matches or is close to the price seen on Black Friday,” says Ramhold. “Because it is often the lowest price available compared to the previous year.”

4. Consult competitors

Amazon’s competitors appear to have increased their offers this week in hopes of taking advantage of bargain hunters’ online shopping. Some of the highlights include:

  • Target’s Spring Sale is offering up to 50% off home & patio items and 20% off spring clothing this week.
  • Walmart’s Super Spring Savings Week offers discounts on everything from AirPods to mattresses.
  • Wayfair’s Big Outdoor Sale features up to 40% off patio furniture and up to 50% off outdoor rugs.

5. Consider the benefits of Prime membership

While there are some special deals for Prime members, there are plenty of discounts during the event for those without a membership. Since you can only get a one-month free trial membership once every 12 months, you may want to consider waiting until the Prime Day events in July or October, as they tend to include a wider selection of big discounts for Prime members. is likely to.

If you’re not sure whether to sign up for Prime now or later, you can add the products to your cart. The site will let non-members know if there is a better price available for those with a Prime membership. “If it’s going to save you a few hundred dollars or any significant amount of money, I would recommend taking advantage of it,” says Lappe.

If you sign up for a free trial and don’t want to become a long-term member, be sure to write a calendar notification to cancel the subscription before the payment is processed in a month.

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