First look at Magic the Gathering Fallout decks and what they’ll offer

We’ve just started February, and Magic players already have two new expansions for the popular card game. Thus, after Ravnica Remastered, Magic: Murders at the Karlov Mansion is now available, to be followed very soon magic resultA new set inspired by Bethesda’s Fallout video game saga, which will also soon be in development with the Prime Video series.

This will not be the only big crossover: we will also see an expansion this year with the Assassin’s Creed series, which will join the big hits of 2023, such as the recent Doctor Who or one of the great successes in the history of the game, Magic l Lord. Of the Rings.

On this occasion we have already seen What types of Magic: Fallout Commander decks are there?To preview what you can expect from them, let’s break down the differences between the four that will be released and share with you some of the cards and mechanics that will be included in each.

Furthermore, everything comes from the mouths of those responsible for Magic: Fallout, from both Wizards of the Coast and the Bethesda designers who worked on the games, with the sole purpose of that the cards perfectly reflect the universe of the game, And this is something that is noticeable in the details, including the weapons or armor that we see on them.

For those new to the Magic the Gathering universe, or anyone looking to dive in after watching the Fallout series, it’s a card game that has been expanding over the past few years.

If we consider cards as “pieces” of the game, and they are backward compatible with everything previously released on the market, There are different formats or sets of rules when playing,

in the matter of Magic the Gathering Fallout, “The Commander” format (or Commander), is for four players, and each has a deck of 100 cardsOne of them represents the commander above (the remaining 99 are built around him).

There are four themed Commander decks for sale, for those who want to purchase one and start playing straight away, although you can always create your own deck by purchasing individual packs. these are Four Commander decks that will be released,

Scrappy Survivors Deck

is the commander of this deck Meatball, the hero’s remembered companion dog From Fallout 3. The strategy of this deck is to equip a creature with aura and accessories. It is a deck that attempts to recreate the leveling experience in the Fallout series of games.

There are also new Jump Tokens, a type of artifact that will help you draw more cards in an effort to replicate the work of sweepers in the Wasteland.

Another legendary creature in this deck is Sophia Daguerre (Human Pilot) from Fallout 76. He was in space when nuclear chaos broke out. Their abilities, like other cards, feature quest names and other allusions to the game.

We can find one of them in the booster envelope, where we can get, for example, a Version of some cards with the Pipboy aesthetic, including scanlines to give the effect of a CRT monitor,

Magic Fallout card with Pipboy aesthetic

Other cards in this deck include Idolized (denoting membership in one of the various factions) or Three Dog, Radio Galaxia announcer in Fallout 3, Which, like the game, explores the concept of diffusion. Thus, by sacrificing aura we can “transmit” or create a copy of a creature.

To be there, they are up to Fallout 3 collectible bobbleheads, There are 7 in total, and the more we have, the more we can enhance certain actions in the game.

Absolutely, There is also no shortage of reissues or reprints of classic cards with the new Fallout “look”, as is the case with Pure Steel Paladins., which also fits perfectly with Fallout’s Brotherhood of Steel, where one of the ranks is exactly Paladin. Or rubber skinned synths or artificial humans

Deck Science! (Science!)

is about A deck led by Dr. Madison Lee, Which generates a lot of energy that can be used in a number of ways, as some of the cards indicate, and will allow you to steal more cards Putting equipment like robots and power armor into operation,

There is no lack of famous references from the games in this deck, such as Liberty Prime Recharged, the robot rebuilt by the Brotherhood of Steel or, again, Nick Valentine, artificial human private investigator who captures the noir genreAnd which has the ability to “investigate”, most recently seen in the Murders at the Karlov Mansion set.

magic fallout commander deck science

There’s also no shortage of “Saga” cards, like Vault 112: Sadistic Simulation, which features another fondly remembered location from Fallout 3 and its history (about researchers trapped in a simulation).

Other cards directly recreate iconic moments, such as Opening of a shelter for the first timeA recurring theme in several installments of the Bethesda video game saga.

As far as reprints of this deck go, for example, there would be the Mechanized Production magic, which allows you to make copies of any artifact you want, whether it’s a bobblehead or treasure. one of two Solemn Simulacrum, another beloved classic card now played by a robot from the Fallout series,

mutant threat deck

To no one’s surprise, this deck is dominated by mutants (as the name suggests), and explores how radiation has affected the environment and of course the creatures.

One of the most representative cards in this deck wise mothman, who belongs to the Fallout 76 universe, although it is not the only known face. This too John Hancock, famous ghoul becomes mayor of Goodneighbor,

Thus, in this deck we find new raid counter mechanic Or the radiation counter, which also shows details of the Fallout series of games or its other milestone, nuclear explosions.

As far as reprints go, we’ll get cards like Guardians Project, which in this case will reflect from the art of the card that there are no two identical mutants in the Fallout universe.

Bird Caesar Mallet (Hail, Caesar)

The commander of this deck is Caesar from Fallout New Vegas, who is rememberedIn a deck that will bet everything on stacking tokens at the expense of its hosts’ sacrifice, in the pursuit of greater profits.

Thus, in this deck we find various militant groups (Attackers, army, landmines…) And of course, beyond Cesar, some of its most famous faces.

is the case of Legate LaniusOne of Caesar’s aces, and one of the most psychopathic enforcers in the game, who those who enjoyed New Vegas will definitely remember.

Regarding reprints or reprints of legendary cards, this will be Ruinous Ultimatum, a card that attempts to mirror the effects that cooperate with you at the end of Fallout New Vegas,

Random Card Pack (Booster Pack)

Although we have reviewed the general theme of each deck, the truth is that among the 100 cards we will find a mix of cards, not all of them related to the same game, whether it is Fallout 3 or Fallout 76.

This is something that will also be present in the booster envelope, for those who don’t know at this point Envelopes containing different cards mixed randomly,

We’ve also been able to see different cards from booster packs, which contain both cards from the Commander deck and some with alternate art, designed for collectors.

Above these lines you can see some of these cards, which we will show you before the launch on March 8th.

A new collection that will soon be added to other successful expansions, such as Phyrexia, The Brothers War, Streets of New Capena, Kamigawa, Strixhaven, Kaldheim or Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, which was the first crossover with Dungeons & Dragons. Licensed by Wizards of the Coast.

There is very little time left until Magic receives one of the most anticipated collections of this year, which will also almost coincide with the premiere of the Amazon Prime Fallout series…

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