Five ‘wellbeing’ hiking routes that help connect mind and body

If you usually live in an urban environment surrounded by buildings, pollution, noise and cars, you probably experience something that can be defined as follows.desire for green», which inspires us to seek out the natural environment to fill ourselves with the life force that the colors, aromas, sounds and textures of Mother Earth provide. The need that we often feel like a drive is actually much more scientific than we think. Not in vain, entomologist and biologist Edward O. of Harvard University. Wilson has already used it to test the hypothesis that humans are attracted to Nature Intuitively, and we need to be in contact with the natural environment to achieve both psychological and physical health. And it is precisely that need or, rather, the unmet need that has been described on various forums as follows:nature deprivation disorder», a term coined by the author Richard Louv in his work ‘The Last Children of the Forest’ and which, more than a disorder in itself, describes the high price we pay for not being in touch with nature. Was used to. Since then difficulty concentrating until the increase in visual impairment going through a major phase risk of mental health problems,

Therefore, to give full rein to that need to surround oneself with ‘greenery’ that arises especially at the end of long and harsh winters, reconnecting with the natural environment has become all the rage in recent years. Types of formulas have emerged. is one of them ‘shinrin-yoku ‘ (or forest bath), which literally means “absorbing the atmosphere of the forest” and which, as Alex Gesse, one of the greatest experts of this technique, explains, was popularized in Japan in the 80s as an effective formula. Done. reduce stress levels And worries about work.

The idea of ​​this sutra is to move through the forest with conscious focus stimuli It offers. Walking slowly, touching the water, feeling the moisture of the moss, listening to the wind and sensing the movement of the leaves, inhaling the smell of each tree, each plant… it is a contemplative (but also profound) experience What it takes is to help us step away from stress, awaken our deepest emotions, connect with our primal senses, and let go of most urban thoughts and less healthy habits.

It will be an experience that invites you to connect deeply with nature, but there is no doubt that it is one of the simplest formulas to give into the “green craving” freely, even if alone. As a couple, in a group or in some other form. a family. this is the medium hikingespecially if they choose easy wayAcceptable for all types of people, which provides added value and peace of mind to pedestrians connect body and mind,

These hiking routes are proposed by Claudia Martínez, community leader at the Merrell Hiking Club in Spain, because, according to her, it is especially interesting to do them at the beginning of the season. spring,

1. ‘La Rierada’ route in the Serra de Collserola Natural Park (Barcelona)

This route experiences a special moment in April as Colcerola becomes an explosion of vegetation and flowers in spring. It is an accessible route for families, not only because it is so close to the city, but also because of its short distance (about 4 kilometers in total) as well as its flat and well-marked terrain. Furthermore, it is circular and has a maximum gradient of 120 metres.

Exploring the different streams of water can be a fun option for both adults and children, while enjoying the views of Barcelona from above.

2. Hervidero Waterfall in Ribera del Río Guadalix (Madrid)

This route is also particularly interesting at the beginning of spring because with the thaw the Guadalix River widens its course and allows its waters to flow through various pools and waterfalls. Only 45 minutes from the center of Madrid, this walk is accessible to children as the terrain is easy and the paths are wide.

With zero gradient, it is an accessible trail for everyone from small to large, they will enjoy every second of the spring vegetation and flowers, various bridges, ponds, dams and trails. The total distance in a circular circuit is approximately 6.8 kilometers, but this can be shortened. Which makes it suitable for all families.

3. Vero Footbridge Route in the Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park (Huesca)

This route of the Vero Footbridge, the full report of which was recently published in ABC Voyager, immerses you in a dreamy landscape, especially in the month of April when the fields and rocks of Guara burst into an explosion of color with wild flowers. Plants go. It is an incredible visual experience that matches the mild spring weather perfectly and is ideal for a relaxing walk with the family.

Both children and adults will enjoy its strategically placed wooden walkways and impressive panoramic views. You can also enjoy seeing the prehistoric rock paintings and caves found along the Vero River. This is a safe and exciting adventure for the entire family.

Apart from natural beauty, this route is also a journey through time. Along the Vero River, prehistoric rock paintings and caves can be discovered, adding an extra layer of charm and history to the walk.

The most popular Vero River Footbridge route covers about 4.9 kilometers, it is of an intermediate level (370 meters elevation) and you can also discover rock paintings and caves along the Vero River, which makes it more fun. Various routes can be followed: this route runs about 3 kilometers and has a slope of 60 metres.

4. Elgar Fountain Route in Alicante (Valencia)

This route is also very special in the month of April because this is the time when the waterfalls and pools of the Elgar River reach their maximum splendor with the thaw and spring rains.

Fuentes del Algar is accessible to children due to its short length and gentle terrain, with good paths passing waterfalls and natural pools. The most adventurous, in addition to swimming and splashing in the natural pools, will have the opportunity to explore the rich biodiversity of the area. From exotic plants to small creatures living on the river banks. Each stage reveals a new surprise. This Fuentes del Algar route that I propose is about 4 kilometers long and only 85 meters high, making it accessible to all families.

5. Fuentona Route in Rio Lobos Canyon Natural Park (Sorria)

Spring brings with it an explosion of life in the Cañon del Río Lobos Natural Park, turning the Fuentana Route into a truly magical experience. April is the best time to visit this nature sanctuary, when migratory birds fill the sky and wild flowers adorn the landscape.

Part of the Rio Lobos valley in Soria.

During this short hike, hikers will find themselves surrounded by rock formations as well as spectacular, dense riverside forests. Each step brings you closer to the impressive lagoon of turquoise water, known as Fuentona, which feels like something straight out of a fairy tale.

This 6.23 kilometer long route is accessible to families with children. With flat, well-marked terrain that guarantees comfortable walks for everyone. It is an opportunity for young children to marvel at natural beauty and learn about the importance of conserving our environment.


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