Florentino Perez sent a message to Mbappe after winning the Spanish Super Cup with Real Madrid against Barcelona


Real Madrid crowned super champion Spain in 2024 after defeating Barcelona 4–1 in the final played at Al-Awwal Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Florentino Pérez, who became the president with the most titles (in football) of 33 in the entire history of Real Madrid, surpassing the 32 of the Santiago Bernabéu, spoke to ‘Movistar’ about the emotions of the match.

Vinicius misses the show and Cristiano; Real Madrid made fun of Barcelona after winning the Super Cup

florentine words

fan in arab

“I am happy because the fans are happy to see a good game. As seen, there are many Real Madrid fans here in Arabia who have had the most enjoyable nights. So many goals? It is normal for things like this to happen in these two-match tournaments.


“We have played both games very well, we have scored goals, people have had fun and we have shown the fans here that we have a great team and every year, we will work hard to give hope.” Hundreds of fans, millions of fans,” he said.

praise of vinicius

“He almost always shines, he deserves it and he is so happy. The effort he puts in each game is phenomenal, which is why he is one of the best in the world. He’s so young, he’s happy and he’s great and he’s getting better every year.”

Message to MBAPPE

“Mbappé? “Really, this is not a day to talk about it, this is a day to congratulate the players that we have, that other teams don’t have.”

carlo ancelotti

“In fact, he is a coach who is very suitable for Madrid’s style, for his way of understanding football and his exemplary behavior in each game. Real Madrid and Ancelotti fit together very well.”

Real Madrid scored in the Spanish Super Cup final: Memes tear Barcelona and Araujo to pieces

Relationship with Laporta

“It’s great, we have great institutional relationships, I know what they’re trying to do. Today, he is as sad as I am happy.”


“This is not even the day to talk about the referee. Florentino Pérez concluded, “I am concerned about everything related to football, but, today, I am only concerned about the enthusiasm of the fans.”

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