You don’t have lights? This way you can charge your cell phone

Have you lost your power? Don’t worry! It’s still possible that your cell phone has a dead battery

Nowadays, it is common for our cell phone to be more than just an electronic device, as this device helps us carry out endless activities that make our day-to-day tasks easier.

To use the smartphone optimally, it is necessary for the battery to work at 100%. This is why almost everyone has a device charger on hand, But what happens when there is no light?

Needless to say, traditional chargers become useless when there is no power and that is why you should be prepared for any situation. Without sources of electrical energy.

How do I charge my cell phone if I don’t have electricity?

The biggest problem that arises when there is power failure in our homes is Inability to charge our electronic devices, Among them our cell phones, which can be negative, because if we need to make an emergency call or send an urgent message, we will probably not be able to do so due to the lack of battery in our phone.

If you want to know how you can charge your cell phone in case there is no electricity at home, here at Techbit we try these options:

External batteries or portable batteries are used to charge all types of devices such as cell phones, tablets, ebooks, speakers, smart watches, and other electronic devices. The only thing you have to do is that you have a USB cable, connect it to the battery And then on your cell phone and that’s it, you will have an additional source of energy.

Although external batteries can be very useful, you should keep the following factors in mind:

  • Portable batteries must be charged by connecting to power before use.
  • The number of charges depends on the battery and the amperage of your cell phone. It is ideal to check this information before purchasing a portable battery as amperage varies across phones.

Charge your cell phone from your car

When there is no electricity in our homes, we often resort to the car to charge our mobile devices. The only thing you need is a cable with a USB input or, otherwise, an adapter Which allows you to turn your car into a source of energy to charge your cell phone.

You should keep in mind that this should only be done in emergency cases, because if you use your car battery too much, it may discharge.

Charge your cell phone from your laptop

In case of emergency, your laptop can be the source of energy to charge your cell phone, you just need to make sure that your computer has enough battery Like powering up your mobile device.

As we know, it is important that you have options to charge your cell phone in case of a power outagePhones are important devices. It should be noted that it is important to have balance or mobile data in your cell phone, because Wi-Fi works on electricity and since there is no electricity in your house, there will be no Internet.


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