Foreign Ministry reports that Jorge Glass remains at the Mexican Embassy in Quito, as a ‘guest’ Politics | news

George Glass Espinel, Rafael Correa, former vice president in the government and sentenced for acts of corruption, “Stays as a guest” at the Mexican Embassy in Quito, Ecuador’s Foreign Ministry reported.

In a message published on the social network account ”Guest” at the headquarters of the diplomatic representation in the north of the capital.

Statement came after Chancellor gabriella sommerfeld rocero, The media has been consulted regarding the condition of the former Vice President.

In an interview on the network this January 26 equavisaThe minister assured that the national government would not grant him safe passage so that he could leave the Mexican diplomatic headquarters in case he obtained political asylum.

“The President (Daniel Ngoboa) has already expressed it: safe conduct will not be granted,” he said.

In the television area, when asked if he could confirm that Glas was in Ecuador, Sommerfeld said: “I cannot say for sure, because as Chancellor I do not have complete certainty (…) . I don’t want to speculate, I want to give some figures. It doesn’t seem right to me to speculate on such important news. We have continuously talked to the ambassador, we have talked to the Chancellor (Alicia Bárcena), who has expressed that her Guest… When she talks to me about her guest, she tells me that person is in her house; in this case, the embassy.

The authority announced that an official delegation from the Mexican government will arrive in Ecuador today to analyze the request political asylum What did George Glass do, sentenced For bribery and illegal association bribery cases and Odebrecht, respectively.

On December 17, 2023, he entered the Mexican Embassy building in Quito, where he requested protection, arguing that he “feared for his safety and personal freedom.”

This action took place after Attorney General Issued a location and detention order for investigation purposes in the Manabi reconstruction case.

Former President to be released from prison in 2022 after receiving benefits habeas corpus and is currently facing other legal proceedings for alleged embezzlement in the management of funds from the reconstruction of Manabi and Esmeraldas affected by the 2016 earthquake; And, for alleged intimidation, raised to the post of Vice President of the Republic by Soledad Padilla, his former assistant. (yo)

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