Four people were killed in the murder of a CCPC detective and his father in Guarico


CISPC director Douglas Rico reported this Tuesday that four people were killed responsible for the murder of detective Rafael Manuel Arias Torres (23) and his father Rafael Antonio Arias Rojas (51), which took place in the Las Lajitas sector, Río Verde. . – La National Highway. Fe, Finca La Zarazena, San Francisco de Tiznado Parish, Julian Municipio Ortiz Municipality, Guarico State, on July 13, 2023.

According to a report on his Instagram account, the commissioner indicated that the victims were overpowered by criminals who broke into the farm where the officer’s father worked. The men saw that Arias Torres was a spy, so they kidnapped him and took him to the Las Lajitas-La Fe national highway, where he was shot several times, killing him instantly.

After several months of technical-scientific work, they found the whereabouts of Henry José Coro Torrellaba, alias “El Tierra”, one of the ten most wanted criminals of the state of Guárico, including one degree of murder for hire. There were six pleas for offences. Three counts each of desperation and conspiracy to commit a crime and concealing firearms, intentional homicide and missing person; Freddy García Lugo, alias “Pelón”, has three records of death threats against him and two people who have yet to be fully identified, one of whom is also alias “El Chino”.

When the subjects realized the presence of the police contingents, they fired several shots and threw a grenade, leading to a confrontation in which the persons were injured and taken to the city’s Central Hospital, where they died after admission.

The matter was dropped on the orders of the Public Ministry.

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