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What does Bob whisper into young Charlotte’s ear at the end of “Lost in Translation”? This question has been troubling the world of cinema for the last 20 years…

This January 7th, it will be exactly 20 years since Lost in Translation was released on our French screens. In addition to being a part of cinema history – most notably by winning the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay – Sofia Coppola’s iconic film is also known for leaving behind a mystery that, even two decades later, is still intact, one sentence. What the Internet Is Still Trying to Understand: Bob’s (Bill Murray) farewell words to young Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson)…

lost in Translation, it tells the story of Bob Harris, a middle-aged actor who is in Tokyo to shoot a commercial, and Charlotte, a young woman who accompanied her husband to Japan on a travel trip. They both spend most of their time alone and so they meet at their hotel bar. A kind of understanding develops between them that leads to an unexpected friendship and even more…

For your feature film, Sofia Coppola She was inspired by her childhood, when she would follow in the footsteps of her famous father, Francis Ford Coppola, from hotel to hotel, and by using her own experience in Japan when she was 25 to create this special world. Had to make.

The scene that is still being talked about today is the last meeting between the heroes at the end of the film. On the way to the airport, Bob sees Charlotte on the street. Since they didn’t actually say goodbye the day before, he interrupts his race to go meet her. They end up hugging and Bob whispers something in Charlotte’s ear who nods. These are the words which cinema lovers are still trying to guess.


Know that such a plan was made bill murray Improvises the last sentence as per his wish – besides, their last kiss was also an improvisation. With time, speculations have multiplied and many believe that the actor had whispered: “I have to go but I won’t let it come between us, okay?,

When this theory was proposed Scarlett Johansson By Yahoo, when she was promoting Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City last year, the main interested party laughingly responded: “Oh my god, that feels so deep. Possibly deeper than what was actually said!,

American Zoetrope

The second theory most shared by Internet users would be that Bob whispered “Tell the truth” Or “tell him the truth“, in reference to John, Giovanni Ribisi’s character in the film, Charlotte’s husband. So, according to a YouTube video that many consider reliable, the sentence would be something like this: “While John waits for his next business trip… go to this man and tell him the truth. Ok ?”, a choice that would be more in line with the reality of the two characters.

What does Sofia Coppola think?

To mark the film’s 15th anniversary in 2018, Sofia Coppola This secret was also mentioned in an interview with Little White Lies.

Bill whispered this to Scarlett, with no intention at all. I was going to figure out what to say later and add it but we never did. It was between them, just recognizing that this week meant something to both of them and that it had impacted them when they returned to their lives. People always ask me what is being said. I always like Bill’s answer: that it’s between lovers so I’ll leave it at that.

It seems that the puzzle will never be solved, until bill murray And Scarlett Johansson one day the secret will be revealed Sofia Coppola So accomplished his mission: for him, lost in Translation is a movie aboutMisunderstandings between people and places“The one who speaks”of disconnected things and moments of connection, Bob and Charlotte are two separate souls bonded by their loneliness. Therefore whatever happens between them is theirs only.

Celebrate 20 years of Lost in Translation by rediscovering the film streaming on Paramount+ and MyCanal.


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