Francis Ngannou sets the web on fire with Kim Kardashian!

By Pierre-Andrea Fraile | sports journalist

Hours before his fight against Anthony Joshua, Francis Ngannou could lead people to believe that he has temporarily left the social network. However, he set them on fire with a tweet addressed to one Kim Kardashian.

Of course, it is rare that he remains inactive on the web for long periods of time, including during his fights. However, Francis Ngannou is more accustomed to using it to promote his duels. So Logic may have decided to only share content related to his shock bout against Anthony Joshua, which will take place this Friday, March 8. However, this was without including their most recent virtual conversation.

Francis Ngannou’s viral response to Kim Kardashian

Almost a year ago, when Kim Kardashian officially broke up with Kanye West, punters were trying to determine who would become her new partner. One of the favorites to succeed the rapper This includes a UFC star close to Ngannou, However, in recent hours, it is actually the Cameroonian colossus who spoke virally to the famous model:

Kim Kardashian: I am missing you

Francis Ngannou: (Me ?)

While Kim K did not specify the recipient of her message, Francis clearly felt targeted. which can be understood by considering Notable comments that his interlocutor might have made about him, In any case, it didn’t take long for Internet users to be impressed:

Francis Ngannou is trying his hand?!?? He’s my heavyweight champion 😏

The Kardashian family is 17-0 against promising black men’s careers. You better not come too close.

Through a simple tweet containing only one photo, Francis Ngannou relaunched the surprising relationship that connects him to Kim Kardashian. We will all miss the top model’s presence at ringside at the Kingdom Arena this Friday.

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