Francisco Lindor’s play fails before new MLB rules

Just a few days before the total start of major League Baseball, New York Mets This results in refreshing all the goals that you have planned to achieve in this harvest.

Conferences like this Thursday, March 21, continue to be organized with the sole purpose of bringing the teams to their 100% conditions on the majestic terrain of this sports system.

Now, under the new dynamics and rules coming into effect this year, francisco lindor He lived one of them firsthand. All this, after trying to solidify an out at second base.

Francisco Lindor didn’t expect this

New York Mets And detroit tigers they looked at each other’s faces “Public Field at Joker Marchant Stadium”The spring house of the last mentioned above.

At the time of the event, the fourth episode was played, with the home team dominating the 3×4. From the mound, the Mets reliever ordered a delivery, Michael Tonkin,

With runners on the corners and only one out, for detroit turned over parker meadows, However, as his count reached the maximum count of 3-2, the catcher francisco alvarez He had made the intentions of the first class runner clear.

When? grasslands After taking an unsuccessful swing, Alvarez did not hesitate to send the ball into the glove. francisco lindor, The ball arrived with enough time to comfortably touch the runner.

The reasons were simple, through new rules that would be implemented major League Baseball (MLB) From this year, these types of interventions will be approved with the corresponding decision as was the case.

Despite realizing the reality, the look of confusion on his face was inevitable. francisco lindor For what happened.

Below you can enjoy the video of the drama:

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