Madame Web’s flop doesn’t affect Sidney Sweeney: “I was just hired as an actress…”

The young actress believes that she does not have to take responsibility for this failure. Like Dakota Johnson, she answers the question clearly.

Sydney Sweeneytormented starExcitementAfter the success of this series, he has been making feature films. At the end of the promotionNirmal At the South by Southwest festival, which won the box office everything except you with glen powellLet’s look at the flop of his last film.

Because if it has recorded revenues of $200 million worldwide, the fuse does not always take… Sony Web, madam web, failed to capture its audience. The decline was felt with the US score of “Only” $42 million at the box office, as well as grossing just under $100 million worldwide. Like your colleague questioned about this failure dakota johnson, Sydney Sweeney Keeps it in perspective and doesn’t seem to be affected by it. in an interview with Los Angeles TimesHe admitted not being bothered by the ridicule associated with madam web,

,I was hired as an actress, so I was prepared for everything.,

Sydney Sweeney Still a basic figure, the female version of Spider Man, Julia Cornwall. Critics panned the film, leading to a wave of ridicule on social media. that movie was made fun of so much Sydney Sweeney, she herself plays with this fall. he announced Saturday night Live ,you might have seen me in everything except you Or Excitement, But you definitely haven’t seen me in madam web, I have a new film coming called Nirmal, I’m playing a nun, it’s flawless castingHe joked. jimmy kimmel Took part in a tackle throwing joke during the Oscars ceremony:

,People managed to find a lot of great movies and memorable performances in this room. This evening is filled with exactly the same immense talent and untold potential madam web,,

Sydney Sweeney She was also present during the cinematographic event: she wore a familiar red carpet dress, signed by Marc Bouvier. The latter wore the iconic satin dress that covered Angelina Jolie During the 2004 Oscar ceremony – a dress paying tribute Marilyn Monroe,

oscars 2024 and 2004

dakota johnsonBlack Widow headliner speaks out stir On the film’s poor reception:

“It’s very hard to make a film, and for these big productions that manage to come out – and this is starting to happen with smaller films, which really scares me – the decisions are made by committees, whereas art committees. Difficulty remains in passing through. Films are made by a filmmaker and a team of artists who gather around this figure. You can’t create art against a background of numbers and algorithms. I have long believed that the public is very intelligent, while studio executives think otherwise. The public will always be able to smell the bullshit we want to feed them.

Horror movie in a new spirit Nirmal Will be able to avenge this failure of the filmography of Cindy Sweeney,

Nirmal will be released on 20 March 2024, Here is the trailer:

Dakota Johnson will never make a movie like Madame Web again

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