Francisco Miguel Camacho, Full Academician at Ramsey

Francisco Miguel Camacho Martínez Is captured as full academician in the dermatology section of Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Seville (Ramsey), In a public and extraordinary session held this Sunday morning in the facilities of the said Andalusian entity.

During his speech, which covered over 150 pages, Camacho highlighted all of his branches of expertise: surgical dermatology This is the specialty with which most of the future of medical-surgical specialties is tied. Quality of life, We classical dermo surgeons should not despise this dermatology cosmetic surgicalBecause the future will not be such that the mark will be perfect, but it will be best to best According to the ideal norms that existed in the society and governments at that time.”

In his own words, being part of Ramsey is “an honour”, as this academy is “one of the most prestigious, the oldest in Spain and the world, surpassed only by other academies of sciences in Rome, Paris or London”.

Francisco Miguel Camacho’s career in dermatology

Camacho is Doctor of Medicine from the University of Granada (UGR) And Professor of Medical-Surgical Dermatology and Venereology at the Medical Faculties of Murcia, Seville Honorary degree of the University of Cadiz (UCA). He has been a professor at various Spanish universities such as Granada, Málaga, Murcia and Seville and has conducted most of his research work in the United States. He was also the head of the dermatology department of Virgen Macarena Hospital of Seville (HUVM), and is considered one of the best experts in the treatment of alopecia.

He is also the chairman of the Dermatologist Expert Committee. Royal and Illustrious Official College of Physicians of Seville (RECOMS) For six years, he has been an academic in line with Academies of Granada, Catalonia and Seville, During his professional career, Camacho has participated in approximately 600 scientific publications in his specialization in Spanish and more than 250 publications written in other languages. He is also the author of a total of fifteen books and has written hundreds of chapters and articles in magazines around the world.

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