Julio Herrera Velutini is concerned about the works of art present in Hato Rey

On the Golden Mile, in Hato Rey, where the offices of Bancredito International Bank and Trust Corporation were located, The art collection of the bank’s founder and sole shareholder remained, Julio M. Herrera VelutiniWho is afraid that it will be sold by Driven Administrative Services, LLC.

Through parent company Bancredito Holdings Corporation, A motion was filed this Tuesday before the Federal Court to issue a temporary retention order and precautionary measures to prevent the receiver from disposing of or influencing the actions.

“Plaintiff attempted to resolve the issues related to the artwork without litigation, but since his concerns remain unresolved, he files this motion: to restrain the plaintiff from selling, transferring, damaging, or otherwise disposing of the artwork; and compel Driven to specify how it is caring for the work of art,” the injunction reads.

Although the legal appeal submitted by Bancredito does not specify how much the art collection is worth, the document indicates that it is “extremely valuable”,


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