Police response to a mother after she reported assault with knives in Santiago de Cuba

A Cuban mother reported an attempted robbery to her 14-year-old son to the police, but received a response that reflected the indifference, incompetence and irresponsibility of the authorities.

The incident occurred in Santiago de Cuba, in the Abel Santamaria district, known as El Salao.

Independent reporter Yosmani Mayeta Labrada shared on her Facebook page the testimony of the mother of one of the victims, a 14-year-old teenager, who suffered violent harassment along with her son’s girlfriend, another 13-year-old relative and another. Neighbour ,

“They went to eat pizza at a kiosk nearby, which they call El Clasico. There is a park next to it which is a little dark, they sat there to wait for the pizza to arrive. After a few minutes, mom for two Said, “Men and a woman armed with weapons came out from the next door, my child could not see their faces because of fear and they ran away.”

Facebook screenshot / Yosmani Mayetta Labrada

When the woman and her husband realized what had happened, they went in search of their son and brought him home. Since there is no police precinct in the area where they live, they called and were answered by the juvenile officer on duty, who only asked where their son was at that time.

“The officer told me that if nothing had happened, they could not do anything, that I should go to the police station, which was very far away, where I would have to take transportation, and I told him that at that time, what if I could use transportation? “They told me they wouldn’t be able to do anything if my son didn’t see her face, and they could do even less if they didn’t do anything to him,” she explained.

The young man’s mother specified that the incident occurred near the location where young David Enrique Perdomo Álvarez was attacked, In Salao, a gang cut off his right hand with a knife.

“I am making this public because I will not be silent, I am going to publish this anywhere. Abel no longer has any kind of protection for our children. Please, why do they need to do this to my son How long can they work,” he questioned.

This week, the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) met with residents of the neighborhood where it recognized The presence of criminal gangs that carry knives and are dedicated to “implementing terrorism” among the residents.

Authorities sought a vote of confidence from those affected and issued a warning to the perpetrators.

“Know that you will be severely punished for the acts you have committed. We know the various groups that exist and operate in these places. Know that we know who are the members of those groups that are in trouble today And disturb civilian peace and we are going to go after them,” an officer said.

A woman said that last year her son was attacked by two masked men at the doorstep of her house, and said that the case has not been solved till now, to which the officer said that he was not aware of the incident and that Will do this. Information should be given. One answer.

On social networks, many Santiago residents were skeptical of the promises of seriousness towards criminals.

“They cannot come to a district where there is not just one gang, but several gangs, and promise to trust them, that criminal acts will end, when we know that will not happen, that everything will be the same. It will remain the same and it will continue like this. No, “They have solved the cases that have happened, how do they expect people to trust them,” questioned one woman.

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