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New York, 26 February (EFE).- A billion-dollar donation will allow the Albert Einstein School of Medicine in the Bronx, New York to offer free classes to its students.

The organization announced this in a statement this Monday.

“This historic gift – the largest ever given to a medical school in the country – will ensure that no Einstein student will ever have to pay tuition again,” the center said.

The donor, Ruth Gottesman, was a teacher at the school, which is located in one of the most depressed neighborhoods of the Big Apple.

According to The New York Times, the Bronx has a high rate of premature deaths and is the least healthy borough in New York, while the largest amount of donations to hospitals and medical schools go to wealthier neighboring Manhattan.

Thanks to Gottesman’s money, which was left to her by her husband, a Wall Street investor who was a disciple of Warren Buffett, when he died two years earlier, Einstein’s students received hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans. Will not have to face. What they usually do is collect during the race.

According to the statement, the school hopes the donation will attract “a group of talented and diverse individuals who may not otherwise have the means to consider a medical education”.

This is not the first time that a medical school in New York is offering free tuition to its students. In 2018, New York University School of Medicine announced a similar program to address the high costs faced by the country’s students.

Gottesman, for his part, did not want his last name immortalized as part of the donation, but he made one condition: that the school retain the name of Albert Einstein, which the great physicist agreed to give to the center. Opened its doors in 1955.

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