Unusual: A Qatari sheikh invaded the field of play to protest against the referee who had awarded a penalty to his opponent

Al-Wakrah president invades the field to protest the penalty

One of the most unusual events of the weekend occurred in football. Queue, On the land that sanctified the world champions Lionel Messi with scaloneta, was an astonishing phenomenon rarely seen on any field. In a day that promised to be just another day in the calendar star league from the middle east, Al Janoub Stadium Became the scene of an unusual incident. the thing is that Sheikh Khalifa bin Hassan Al-ThaniPresident of Al-WaqaraStarred in a scene filled with controversy when he stormed out of the stands and angrily walked onto the field of play in the middle of the match against Al Saadvalid for fourteenth date of domestic championship,

The reason for the emergence of the local leader was the referee’s decision Abdulrahman Ibrahim Al-Jassim To award a penalty in favor of the visiting team, after ignoring a similar foul in the opponent team’s area. The manager’s reaction was energetic, entering the field to express his dissatisfaction with the referee’s decision. ordering his players to abandon commitments,

However, the result was not favorable Al-Waqara, As the duel continued after several minutes of uncertainty and a penalty Akram AfifSelection data and references Queue, ending with a shot over the crossbar. Despite the decision, tensions remained in the party, leading to another controversial action against Al-Waqara When your archer, Saud al-KhattarReceived red card for knocking down Afif,

Later, al-thaniVisibly angry, offered statement to local media Al-Kas TV Make your position clear by making sure The purpose of his intervention on the field was not to make his players withdraw, but to calm them down and talk to the referee.,

The event becomes more relevant considering the closeness in the classification table between the two teams Al Saad are leading the competition with 32 pointsfour more than Al-Waqara, Which is in second place. A win would have brought the home team much closer to the top of the table with nine games remaining.

unusual event in Al Janoub Stadium This has generated debate and expectation regarding the development of the championship as well as the impact it will have on the image of Qatari football at the international level.

This incident was very similar to the incident of a Sheikh Kuwait In the 1982 World Cup hosted by Spain. The Asian team debuted on that occasion 17 Juneand led the players carlos alberto pareira they went out jose zorrilla Of Valladolid With the intention of introducing your pet to the playground: a giant camel Who traveled with the squad. captain’s anger Saad Al HouthiWith the rest of his companions, now meeting before extinction czechoslovakia This took a few moments, as the organization did not allow the animal to enter. Despite the football players’ insistence, the foursome had to stop near the parking lot during ninety minutes How long did the game last? the conflict is also over 1 to 1 And the football players quickly forgot about the problem that had arisen.

In its second commitment against France, the Kuwaitis were part of a much more scandalous episode. When? ten minutes left By the end, and the score was 3 to 1 In favor of the Europeans, the product of the goals of Bernard Genghini, Michel Platini, Didier Six And Abduliz Al Balushi. So he was alain girace He received great assistance from the French captain and sent the ball behind the defended goal with a powerful definition. Ahmed Al-Tarabolsi, The Asian people’s protest was based on the sound of the whistle, just like the referee Miroslav Stupar, who came out of the stand. Amidst the struggles, Al-Sheikh Fahd Al-Sabahboss of Olympic Committee and of Kuwait Football FederationJumped onto the field of play carrying a mysterious briefcase and threatened the Soviet referee to overturn the game.

While shocked by the actions of the French civil guardThe judge canceled the goal and restarted the show with a toss on the ground. Michael HidalgoThe coach of “Le Bleu” was expelled and his team was threatened with withdrawal from the tournament. Meanwhile, the brother of the head of state of the small oil country wanted to continue his adventure in his opponent’s locker room, but the organizers on that occasion dissuaded him. ,Mafia is small compared to FIFA, I don’t care about restrictions. I will leave, but someone else will take my place. I did not force the referee to cancel the goal, he did it because he was convinced” He said Rich To put an end to the miserable scene in which he acted in the accident, which ultimately ended in 4 to 1 for the pain of both Maxime Bossis,

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