Hailey Bieber’s hair is long again and we love it!

Hailey Bieber: Her hair has grown long again. See the photo of her new look.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we learned Hailey Bieber’s latest story: She ditched her signature hairstyle, the bob, and went back to her long hair. Her “new” hairstyle falls well below the shoulders and instantly reminds us of her look in 2022.

Hailey Bieber dazzles with her long hair

Beauty Entrepreneur (Product) rhode skin Are regularly out of stock ) probably haven ’ t found the miracle product to grow your hair 10 centimeters overnight… This new hairstyle extensions seem to result in more! Hailey Bieber hasn’t specified whether it’s some clip-in locks or a permanent extension, but of course, we’re anxiously waiting to see what hairstyle she’ll sport in the near future.

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What is the secret of such rapid regrowth?

Since this extra length looks so natural, we’re guessing Hailey Bieber chose to have ultra-thin hair strand extensions attached to her hair using keratin (this protein is the main component of our hair). Compared to other extension methods like tape-in ​​extensions, the advantage is that the hair looks very natural, like Hailey Bieber’s in the photo. Their colour, thickness and structure can be tailored to the part of the hair to which they are to be attached. For example, hair around the face is generally thinner and slightly lighter, while the back of the head is generally slightly fuller and darker. The effect is absolutely stunning.

Article originally published on Vogue Germany.

Translation by Chantal Blume

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