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Valeria Hinojosa, known as @waterthruskin on social media, is an inspirational figure who advocates for an environmentally conscious lifestyle and connection with nature. His journey to this important platform began in the financial industry in the United States, where during a five-year career he first suffered depression due to stress and lack of alignment with his values.

Faced with this crisis, he chose to prioritize his mental and spiritual health over job stability. She resigned as a private banker to launch, a platform where she shares her passions and her journey towards a more conscious life.

In nine years, his platform has grown significantly, reaching over 400,000 readers and making him an influential online voice. Together with her husband, she co-founded Casa Earth (, a company that offers online courses and retreats that encourage personal growth and connection with nature.

His influence grows even further with the publication of a book from HarperCollins coming in late 2024. In the work he traces his search for a balance between a satisfying job, a connection with nature and a healthy and slow life, reflecting his journey towards a greater self. Meaningful and authentic existence.

– First of all, what inspired you to take this path?

– In a previous version of my life I worked in the financial industry in the United States until I realized it was not in line with my passion or values. Going to the office every morning, working a high-stress job, began to torment my soul and lead me to my first depression. To prioritize my mental and spiritual health, I left my five-year career as a private banker and created a platform ( about all the things I’m passionate about: an environmental Conscious lifestyle, spiritual growth and connecting with Mother Earth. ,

-How do you maintain your eco-friendly and vegan lifestyle while traveling? Do you have any advice for people who want to live a sustainable lifestyle even while traveling?

Travel less. I reduced my work trips from 12 per year to three to six.

Offset the emissions of each trip by donating an equal amount to a foundation focused on environmental protection. (There are several online CO2 calculator options under “Climate Calculator”).

travel light. The less luggage we carry, the fewer emissions per passenger. Many times I travel with only a carry-on suitcase, or I share a suitcase with my husband. Systematic packing has become our specialty.

Create minimum waste during flights and travels. I always carry a reusable thermos, my own headphones and even reusable silicone bags to avoid plastic cups that are offered by airlines and thrown away after each trip. I also carry my own snacks.

– You released a book. What can you tell us about him? What was your inspiration for writing it and what is the main message you want to convey to your readers?

– My book is something that I conceived and manifested eight years ago when I was in the process of transformation and lived experiences that were too deep for a video or publication on the network. I’m dreaming of being able to open my world and story even more to a global audience, and in 2023 it becomes a reality when I sign my contract with HarperCollins, one of the largest publishers in the world. Did it! The book, which will be published in late 2024, is about my inner world, my struggles, downfalls, achievements and how connecting with nature has helped me break generational patterns, heal and grow as a human being. It will initially be published in Spanish and English in the United States, Mexico and Spain. As soon as it is published, I will announce it on my platform.

– As an influencer, you have a platform to inspire others to live more consciously. What do you think is the biggest challenge when trying to adopt a more sustainable and vegan lifestyle in today’s society?

– I think the challenge for many people is to have the courage to leave the comfort zone of what we see as “normal”, what we’ve been taught. Sustainability and veganism is a relatively new topic for many people and it creates a fear of trying, making mistakes, doing it wrong, or “failing.” Today’s networks also do not make it easy because they put more pressure on this lifestyle by showing it as something perfect, everything is beautiful, but the reality is that it is not. We were not born knowing this and many of us did not learn it in school or university. It’s a process that, like all changes, requires patience, time, and learning. Make mistakes several times and go back to the hospital.

Sustainability and veganism are not based on achieving perfection as a goal, but on taking the first step and thus making a daily commitment to your health, animals, forests and the future of society. Day by day, step by step, with the best energy.

Another challenge can be high prices, but these mostly relate to highly processed vegan products. Over the years, I’ve learned that by avoiding processed foods and supporting local farmers, my budget has been significantly reduced. The less processed foods we eat, the better it is for our health, wallet and nature.

-How do you stay authentic and true to your values ​​while adapting to the demands and expectations of social media?

I have been creating content for social networks for almost 10 years. From the beginning I knew I wanted to be authentically myself to inspire other people to feel comfortable in their own skin, be less alone, and see “being different” as something worth celebrating rather than something negative. Can see as.

Yes, there are times when criticism and hateful words shake my foundation, but it is really in that chaos and noise that I find strength in my spirit, confidence in my voice and the life I am building. Acknowledge the importance of focus.

Moments of silence and solitude are something I value very much today, because in them I can breathe, go deeper and find clear and calm answers.

– In your opinion, what is the most significant impact that adopting a vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle can have on us as individuals?

– For nature: become vegetarian. I have not consumed animals (or their by-products) for 10 years and in that time I have saved 3,651 animals, 15 million liters of water, 33 thousand kilograms of CO2 and 10 thousand m2 of forests. (There is a calculator that helps a lot with this information:

For our emotional, mental and spiritual health: spend more time surrounded by greenery, sink your hands into the earth, plant plants and watch them grow, walk barefoot as much as possible, contemplate nature or escape into the countryside. Find a few moments amidst the chaos to breathe pure air.

– You participate in various projects related to sustainability and environmental activism. Can you share with us some of your current and future projects in this area?

After the wildfires that destroyed millions of hectares of land in Bolivia (and which continues to this day), I founded The Yindham Foundation ( with my best friend Carolina Ballivián to continue supporting regenerative initiatives and providing protection. Co-produced. Conservation of indigenous communities and wildlife. In 2023, our Foundation launched the first pilot program for harpy eagle rehabilitation in Santa Cruz.

– What role do you think connection with nature plays in personal well-being and health? How do you integrate this connection into your daily life?

– Nature has the power to heal us physically, mentally and spiritually, but we have become completely disconnected from it. We have such an accelerated rhythm that we cannot appreciate the greenery that surrounds us, from the trees and flowers on the streets to the plants that we add inside our house to give “color” without realizing that these plants Purifies the air. our home. Add other medicinal benefits to the home and our space. The simple act of taking off our shoes and walking barefoot on grass or dirt for 10 to 20 minutes a day is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation in our bodies, strengthen our immune system, and help us fight depression. Is. And yet we prefer medicines and quick solutions rather than finding remedies in nature. As humans, we feel superior to this and, right there, our disconnection begins. We feel that nature is ours and hence we do not need to take care of it. I thought the same for many years until my lifestyle started taking a toll on my health, and my body alerted me through symptoms: depression, stomach ulcers, TMJ problems, uterine fibroids.

I used this awakening as an opportunity to return to Source, to the most healing energy. I took ancient herbal courses, learned about the benefits of medicinal herbs and trusted nature to heal.

– Do you have any advice or recommendations for people who want to start their journey towards a more natural, ecological and vegan lifestyle?

– The transition towards a more natural, vegan, ecological and slower life is a beautiful act of rebellion in today’s fast-paced society, but it is not easy. This doesn’t happen overnight. We need to work on reprogramming our thoughts and the way we have been educated to enable ourselves to seek a different reality. Be patient with yourself and your process. Give yourself time, space, and positive affirmations. Slowing down and acting consciously is the antidote to our numb society.

– Finally, what message would you like to share with your followers and those who want inspiration to live a more conscious life in harmony with the planet?

– It all starts with small daily steps. Take a moment out of your busy schedule to connect with your inner voice and nature.

Slow down and be present in daily actions, creating space in our lives to be able to look around us with gratitude and appreciation. In this way we begin to value Mother Earth and the energy of every human being.

Valeria shares the habits she turned into rituals to deepen and integrate into her life:

– Don’t pick up your cell phone as soon as you wake up. Instead, burn natural incense or incense sticks. Clear the energy of your home.

– Instead of rushing through your morning, take 10 minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa. Enjoy the process of preparing it and consciously inhale its aroma.

– Cook more at home and connect with each ingredient, aroma and taste. Make yourself beautiful.

– Grow aromatic and medicinal herbs. The process of planting a seed, watching it grow, is healing and transformative. For this you do not need a big garden. You can practice this by planting medicinal herbs in pots in your apartment.

– When you walk the streets, consider nature and its rhythms. Look at the trees, the bees, the birds, the dragonflies. Feel the caress of the breeze on your skin.

– Set aside a few moments for yourself: alone and in silence.

– Move your body and energy, even for 20 minutes a day. Yoga is my way of flowing, but the simple act of moving the body (be it dancing alone at home or going for a run) helps us release built-up tension.


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