From Well-Being to Well-Being: The Rise of Self-Discovery Journeys

The trend in luxury tourism is evolving towards well-being and self-discovery, leaving ostentation behind and giving prominence to significant and transformative experiences. This is what he said’welfare meeting‘Organized by Grupo Pinero today at FITUR through a panel of experts in luxury, wellness and beauty who analyzed the growing travel trends in the luxury segment.

The event, which included the participation of kevin dribesPresident, Co-Founder and Director of Institutional Relations of Elite Excellence and President of the Madrid Capital del Lujo unit, nuria torrijanoHolistic Practitioner and Esthetician, javier fuster gonzalezCreator of the Cayo Levantado Resort Wellness Concept, lucia parisSpa and Wellness Consultant at Ayuna, and Tino PratWang Institute founder, has revealed some of the transformative experiences offered at Cayo Levantado Resort as a new concept of luxury tourism and wellness, incorporating holistic elements and sensory treatments that elevate the concept of ‘wellness’. Are. Well being. ,

The global rise of luxury tourism

Recent years have seen high growth in the development of luxury tourism. According to Kevin de Ribes, tourism spending has seen an impressive 15% increase compared to levels recorded in 2019, reflecting not only the resilience of the sector, but also the strong demand for unique and distinctive experiences by travelers Is.

At the moment, the luxury tourism sector is seeing an evolution based on much more than comfort and exclusivity, with a growing demand for richer experiences, deeper connections with destinations and, in particular, an offering of well-being and self-discovery that both Increases. Physical and mental care of guests.

progress from well-being to well-being

Keeping this growing trend in mind, tourism companies are seeing a clear opportunity to create products that meet the expectations of their guests. This is the case of the Cayo Levantado Resort, a luxury complex located on a private island overlooking the Samaná Bay in the Dominican Republic, in which the core proposition is expressed around a wellness experience through four pathways of wellness: Refresh, Restore. Relax and renew.

The program also explored the concept behind the creation of Yubarta, the first holistic temple built at a resort in the Caribbean. Xavier Fuster emphasizes the relevance of creating an environment that helps to enhance self-discovery and facilitate a new path of self-development through the programs and activities offered by the luxury complex.

In this area, Grupo Piñero has worked with Ayuna, the leading cosmetic brand in the concept of anti-aging and mental aesthetics, which is responsible for the selection and creation of the treatments offered in the resort’s spa. As Lucia Parisi explains, the treatments are created thinking not only about the aesthetic contribution, but also about the client’s well-being, combining an inner care proposal that integrates beauty with a path towards harmony and self-relation. Understands it as a path.

Advances in Holistic Treatment

Holistic treatments have become an important part of wellness tourism. This is stated by Nuria Torizzano, highlighting the importance of creating high-impact proposals that encourage disconnection to achieve comprehensive self-care. Some examples are acupuncture, active meditation and rituals, and the fusion of West and East in massage.

Assistance with each client is also essential, finding out their individual needs and providing simple and dynamic tools to be able to integrate these experiences into their daily life. As an expert on the subject, Tino Pratt explains the importance of caring for the body and mind as a restorative method.

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