Gal Gadot welcomes her fourth child and reveals the meaning of his first name

“The pregnancy was not easy but we got through it. , This Wednesday, March 6, girl gadot announced that she has given birth to him fourth child, The 38-year-old Israeli-American actress posted a photo of herself from her hospital bed moments after giving birth.

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She captioned: “Welcome my dear daughter. Pregnancy was not easy and we got through it. You have brought so much light into our lives, honoring your name, Ori, which means “my light” in Hebrew. Our heart is full of gratitude. , gal gadot wished “Welcome” her baby inside “Girls’ Home”specifying that his father was “Also great”, the latter wanted to thank him “Beautiful Lioness” for whom his heart “Still beats”,

“I can give birth once a week”

Interpreter of wonder woman married Jaron Versano, an Israeli real estate developer who is 10 years her senior. The couple are parents to littles Alma (12), Maya (soon to be 7) and Daniela (2.5). star of breaking bad Aaron Paul and that series Emily in Paris Lily Collins congratulated her mother.

In an interview with the magazine in style In 2022, Gal Gadot announced: “I love giving birth. I would do it once a week if possible. It’s very magical. And honestly I always have an epidural, so it’s not too painful. But the moment you feel like you’re creating a life, it’s amazing. ,

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