Galaxy Z Flip 6 design leaked with long-awaited changes

There are still a few months left for its official launch, but Galaxy Z Flip 6 designWhat will be Samsung’s next “clamshell-type” foldable has been seen for the first time in some leaked renders, which also reveal some of the features that will come with this smartphone.

In particular, the renders are shared by SmartPrix, and is built based on internal details about the device. And although there may be some variations, the images show that Galaxy Z Flip 6 will come with exactly the same design as Galaxy Z Flip 5, That is, the next foldable from the brand will have a folder-shaped external screen, and it will maintain the dual cameras and flat aluminum frame.

However, there are several interesting small changes; The power button, which also acts as a fingerprint reader, may not be physical, but haptic. The dimensions of the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will also be different from the Z Flip 5. It will be 165.0 x 71.7 x 7.4 mm thick compared to the Z Flip 5’s 165.1 x 71.9 x 6.9 mm. That means it will happen. Will be lower and narrower, probably because the screen frames will be smaller since the Galaxy Z Flip 6TThe screen will be the same 6.7 inchesS. Also, fat is a reason, though.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 will have more battery

According to the above portal, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will come with a large capacity battery. It will be 4,000 mAh Compared to the 3,591 mAh included in the Z Flip 5. Therefore, this increase of approximately 400 mAh would eliminate one of the most negative points of this type of foldable, the poor battery life.

Regarding the specifications, no details have been revealed yet beyond the screen size and battery capacity. However, it is likely that Samsung’s next foldable will include a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor or exynos 2400 Which Samsung also includes in Galaxy S24. It is also expected to retain the same camera configuration with a wide-angle sensor and another ultra-wide-angle camera. It is unclear if Samsung will opt for a new sensor taking advantage of the fact that they have increased the thickness of the device.

At the moment, there are no details regarding its release date or availability, although it is likely that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will be announced during the month of August.

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