Galician health service sentenced to pay 90,000 euros for failing to prevent suicide

Évaro Conqueiro Hospital, belonging to the Vigo University Hospital Complex (OTIS/X)

Sergas, the Junta body that manages hospitals and public health centers Sentenced to pay almost 90,000 euros for not providing means to prevent a patient’s suicide In January 2021 at the Álvaro Cuenqueiro Hospital in Vigo at the age of 31.

The sentence comes from Vigo’s Controversial-Administrative Court 1 in a judgment delivered by the Court of Justice of Galicia (TSXG) to the EFE in which it declares the rights of the deceased’s mother, her son and a brother. Compensation of 35,000, 45,000 and 9,000 euros was awarded.Respectively.

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Additionally, it also imposes payment of statutory interest from January 4, 2021 the sentence is not final And an appeal can be filed against it.

In October 2022, the Ministry of Health rejected the financial liability claim submitted by the plaintiffs to obtain compensation for damages, in which they alleged that health care there was bad lent in Vigo University Hospital Campus Due to which one patient died.

In the lawsuit, he requested punishment from the public administration and compensation to the relatives of the deceased, including his partner and another brother. 308,480 euros,

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The man was admitted to the psychiatric service of the Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital on January 3 for “autolytic gestures” and a psychotic disorder associated with substance abuse. After two days, They found him unconscious in the hospital room‘with a sore pulse and cyanotic tongue’, without health personnel being able to revive him.

The Court believes that “Necessary precautionary and care measures were not taken“Since the person “suffered a mental alteration”, and which was indeed the reason for hospitalization, with an autolytic ideation and with a history of psychotic underpinnings, he asked the public administration for “care of his person, monitoring “This did not happen in this case, which determined the fatal outcome that occurred inside the hospital.”

The ruling emphasizes that “it was imperative to exercise utmost caution by adopting necessary measures to avoid self-harm, as is the case, a suicide prevention protocol” and in the case it states that “Not using all the resources available to you Psychiatric unit to prevent and avoid suicide.

moreover lack of evaluation “This led to the fact that diagnostic and therapeutic means that were reasonably necessary, taking into account the concurrent circumstances, were not made available to guarantee adequate and adequate health care to the patient, which resulted in the public “Insists on an abnormal functioning of the healthcare system,” the ruling states.

*Information prepared by EFE

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