Generate Dopamine (Every Day): A Longevity Expert’s Rule

Simple Rules for Generating Dopamine from a Longevity Expert

,Mental health is taken care of as soon as you wake up in the morning”Experts say. And this optimismTo some extent, too. And all this helps to generate the so-called hormones and molecules of well-being. This is how he explains it in his book If possible, guess my age. doctor olivier courtin-clarinsClarins Group Directors and Experts healthy aging, His book is a tour, led by several longevity experts, about all the things we can do (and that are not genetically determined) to age well, less rapidly, and with a better quality of life. And precisely in this analysis, several lines are devoted to how positive emotions will create a “virtuous cycle” that stimulates the body’s ability to repair, rest, and generate wellness hormones, which include Are dopaminebut others also like it Serotonin, Endorphin and Oxytocin, And one of Courtin-Clarin’s handy recommendations for developing that optimism — “Being optimistic is something you have to work on every day,” he explains — is “R.”Treat yourself to something good three times a day, They are simple things but they help our well-being tremendously: cooking, exercising. journalingCuddle for 30 seconds, take a shower, enjoy a coffee without doing anything else (alone or exercising) filmka, the Swedish custom of stopping for a coffee with friends or family). Or “Dance while seducing yourself to your favorite song for three minutes.” This recommendation from Clarins is based on the philosophy and methodology of Florence Servan-Schreiber three buzzes a day, The author has told this in her book 3 highs of the day: how to activate your optimism to be happy, And Courtin-Clarins summarizes it thus: “Write down, think about, and remember three things that happened during the day, It illuminates your thoughts and encourages you to see the glass as half full. It changes the way you look at things on a day-to-day basis and stimulates the secretion of wellness molecules,” he explains.

Develop optimism (and release dopamine and other feel-good hormones)

This is another important detail of interest that is told in an interview with Courtin-Clarins in the book. catherine testafounder of L’, “All studies agree that 30 to 50% of personality traits are biologically determined. This means that we can achieve between 50 to 70% of these qualities. work on them all our lives“, to explain. And although the environment and the people around us influence, they also “We can take steps to be optimistic, And in this work gestures and Habits that stimulate feel-good hormones. “When someone asks me if there’s a recipe for happiness, I usually say that to be happy you have to be optimistic and use your resources,” Courtin-Clarin says. And yes, it is possible to stimulate these hormones. experts talk oxytocin (related to feelings of security and trust in social relationships); serotonin (more linked to emotions and mood); endorphin (“They create a feeling of euphoria and prevent stress and pain) and dopamine, The latter “is responsible for motivation and feelings of reward.” It creates a feeling of joy,” he explains. And although we usually talk about them as feel-good hormones, there are many experts who insist that they’re actually happiness neurotransmitter Linked to mood regulation, feelings of well-being, and reduction in anxiety. In the specific case of dopamine it is A neurotransmitter that causes a quicker, more energetic, and stimulating sensation of pleasure ,

laughing never fails

When it comes to looking for those 3 highs in the day to activate our well-being, there is one that never fails: laughter, It has been proven that dopamine is produced both naturally and voluntarily. This is how psychologists explain it to us Lourdes RamonOf Palasite Clinic, “The insula, one of the parts of the brain most involved in identity, is activated when we see someone smiling or when we smile ourselves. We see that smiles have the power that they have over us, because The brain devotes a large number of neurons to the face, Endorphins, neuropeptides, dopamine and serotonin increase when we smileThese hormones, when working together, are able to reduce stress, lower heart rate, increase productivity, and reduce anxiety.


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