Getting a lot of praise! Padres manager amazed by Ethan Salas’ talent (+statement)

Young Venezuelan players are beginning to surprise everyone during these spring training sessions and one of those who did so this Monday was San Diego Padres number one prospect Ethan Salas.

The 17-year-old catcher came off the bench and, in his first at-bat, hit a double to left-center field. Additionally, he got a hit in his next appearance at the plate, The duel against the Cleveland Guardians ended 2–2.

Without a doubt, this performance from the left-handed hitter earned him more praise than he had already received from the San Diego coaching staff, especially his manager.

,This is a sign that he is a good hitter who can drive the ball in the other direction. You mentioned his age; I don’t think he’s 17 years old. He is a really good player.” Manager Mike Schilt spoke about Salas’ ability to get the ball to the opposite wing and how he shows all his potential at such a young age.

Furthermore, the tactician expressed that the Venezuelan catcher clearly has a desire to learn as much as possible from his teammates in this spring training experience and be treated like the rest of the players in every way.

,He is very intentional about how he runs his business. His nature is calm, but he is always looking around, absorbing, listening and learning. Then you see it implemented, which is probably for the best.Shildt concluded in an interview for MLB writer AJ Caswell.

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