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Hailee Steinfeld looked as radiant as ever on the red carpet and she loves this face mask to achieve ultimate hydration.

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Hailee Steinfeld Red carpet at the Golden Globes – Her skin was glowing from within, so we’re surprised to know what products she uses to get flawless-looking skin. In the past, Hailey has mentioned Kora Organics Noni Glow Sleeping Mask As a staple product in their skin care routine, it works to hydrate, plump and smooth your skin with every use. Kora Organics is also founded by fellow celebrity Miranda Kerr, You can leave it on your skin overnight or use it as a base for makeup, which is how Hailey does it.

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“This has gotten me more compliments on my skin over FaceTime than anything I’ve ever used. So, I will give a generous amount,” Hailey shared the trend Youtube video. “Sometimes I just use it for 10-15 minutes before I apply my makeup.” The proof of the mask’s effectiveness is in the pudding – it contains organic silver ear mushroom and coconut milk, combined with caviar lime and Kakadu plum extracts to provide ultimate moisture and repair. You will wake up in the morning to find your skin refreshed, revitalized and perfectly moisturized.

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The 1.01 ounce size is perfect for travel – easy to fit in any space and is the perfect amount. If you’re looking to stock up, the full size may be for you, because you’ll love the product so much you’ll never want to put it down! Waking up with dry and cracked skin is the worst feeling, so try this mask to avoid having to deal with the problem again.

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