Good doctor by Salvador Massip

First you have to say what you want Good salary and comfortable job This is very valid, and a career in medicine does not guarantee any of these things. In our country, health workers are under Unbearable pressure. Working conditions are harsh and wages are low in line with these demands. it makes it easier Migration to countries where there are more resources and fair remuneration. The clearest evidence that things are not working is that many of my classmates have advised their children not to choose the same career as them.

Until we fix the health system (and this, we all know, means .) inject millions, To begin with), we should not be surprised that the new generation of doctors are most concerned about Find a way to survive. If salaries were proportionate to the responsibility demanded of them, they would at least be compensated for dealing with the shortcomings of a public health service which, in theory, is one of the best in the world, but which very saturated Working at appropriate level.

On the other hand, it is surprising that someone who has studied medicine and is in a privileged position to choose among the available options gives preference to Personal comfort to maximize human impact. There are some professions that are interested in contributing to the well-being and advancement of the society, which we call business. It should be the backbone of health care, education, politics, research etc. But let’s not get confused: following your vocation doesn’t have to mean Suffer the rest of your days. An endocrinologist, whose specialty is considered “casual,” can make a good living without working on call and, at the same time, can help fight the enormous public health impact of obesity and perform nutrition work. Can go to Africa for. education and teach them Diagnose diabetes to free. There are many ways to help others.

maybe that’s part of the problem The scale we choose to measure the level and value of future professionals Medicine is not enough. The first mistake is that University entrance Is determined exclusively by grade. This is how we choose For the most academically talented students, but this does not guarantee that they will be good doctors. We fail again at the entrance of the abode, where Candidates are stratified by the result of only one examination, And those who get the best grades have the right to choose the specialty first. We do not evaluate abilities correctly, Because acing an extremely memorized test doesn’t say much about you Medical quality.

The challenge of valuation is hard to solve, but we only have to look around us to find it Better option. In this United Kingdom, For example, being accepted into medical school does not depend solely on high school grades. it weighs too much Candidates who write motivation letter, After which they have to defend themselves in an interview, where they have to try to prove what would make them a good professional; Letters of recommendation, which objectively confirm this ability; and activities Extra-curricular programs of recent years, They must demonstrate that they have a genuine interest in contributing to the well-being of society. It’s not infallible, but it does mean that many of the people who reach the top get there for the right reasons.

This leads me to a thought as a result Have been able to take a closer look at university students Over the last 20 years: The values ​​of the new generation have changed. ‘Millennials’ in general and now Z They want quick rewards and have low tolerance for effort, Two characteristics that do not match the complex reality of the medical profession. This should force us to approach access selection even more carefully to select those that will be able to contribute most to our health, regardless of personal cost.

For me, being a doctor is the best profession in the world because it allows me to help others live better lives. If I had to decide again about what career to study, I would not hesitate for a second, despite the many obstacles that came along the way. And I would like the person on the other end of the phone to think the same way as me when I am sick.

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