Google says its AI model is capable of scoring 91% in medical exams

The technology giant Google said this Tuesday that sThe latest artificial intelligence (AI) model has been able to score 91.1% in the US medical degree exam. (USMLE) within the framework of its conference ‘The Check Up’ held in New York.

“About a year and a half ago, we created The first AI system that was able to pass the USMLE medical licensing exam called MedQA. “Our latest model optimized for medicine achieved state-of-the-art performance in medicine and achieved over 91%,” Greg Corrado, head of the health and AI team at Google, said during the conference.

Google said this Investigating how a version of the Gemini AI model adapted for the medical field could unlock new capabilities for advanced reasoningUnderstanding a large amount of context and processing multiple modalities.

The company says that because Gemini is multimodal, capable of processing text, images, audio and video, it has worked Complex tasks such as generating reports for 2D images such as X-rays, Also 3D images.

“While this work It is still in the research stage“Generative AI in radiology has the potential to provide assistive capabilities to healthcare organizations,” the company said in a statement.

today i found out Several prototypes and studies were presented and demonstrated, including a portable ultrasound with AI called “Maternal Health Ultrasound AI”. It provides information for easy interpretation of ultrasound images, which May help in rural or underdeveloped areas They don’t have experts who can read ultrasounds.

For example, this machine, which is in the development stage, can provide information about the condition of the fetus.

Another advantage of this system is Its price is around 3,000 dollars.Whereas a traditional ultrasound system can cost $300,000.

For its part, Health Acoustics Research (HeAR) is An AI model specializing in health information from acoustic health sounds like coughing or breathing, Which can be used as a basis for studies on tuberculosis or Covid-19.

As Ivor Horn, head of Google’s health equity office, told EFE, an understanding of the opportunities that AI can provide is beginning to be seen in health and medical care.

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