Grenada will become the center of animal welfare on April 3

Next April, in the Assembly Hall of the Government Delegation of the Junta Andalusia, the IV Animal Welfare Conference will be organized by the Presidency, the Ministry of the Interior, Social Dialogue and Administrative Simplification and the Council of Andalusian School Veterinary Officers.

With a large number of experts in the field, four tables will be set up that address hot and current topics such as the management of feline colonies, legal regulation of euthanasia in companion animals, identification and registration of pets, public animal protection centers, dogs Will do. potentially dangerous, etc.

People responsible for various administrations, veterinarians, professional associations, professionals from the breeding sector, trainers, conservation centers and a long et cetera will meet with the aim of debating Law 7/2023 on the protection of the rights and welfare of animals. Analyze the current situation and its developments.

In the words of Francisco Cerezuela, President of the College of Official Veterinarians of Grenada, “It is a great opportunity for those responsible for local institutions to consider the issue of animal protection and welfare, learn about it from experts, and assess future steps.” There will be an opportunity.” Take.” To take responsibility for lost and abandoned animals and their housing in an animal protection center, as well as to comply with a law that is leaving many unknowns open. Of the 174 municipalities of the province of Granada, we Agreements have been signed with 65 municipal councils to delegate management of municipal animal registries, which also includes training of municipal staff and support for pet population control. “We are committed to protecting our pets and public health. “Invite the rest of the municipalities in the province to consider joint actions for good.”

The Law on the Protection of the Rights and Welfare of Animals, among other provisions, establishes that it is up to the municipalities to collect stray and abandoned animals and place them in an animal protection center; To carry out this management and care, the municipalities must have their own, joint or solid service; Those populations that do not have their own means to exercise their capacity for the collection and maintenance of animals may sign cooperation agreements with joint centers belonging to or contracted to other administrations, subject to minimum conditions regulated by law. will complete; It is up to the local administration and, subsidiaryly, the regional administration to manage and care for homeless animals or whose owners cannot care for them due to conditions of insecurity, without prejudice to the fact that they are duly registered. Animal protection organizations can count on cooperation; Local institutions shall give priority to non-lethal population control of urban fauna in their action plans regarding animal protection, guaranteeing the rights of animals.

All these topics will be considered in depth by experts in the field and will help in understanding the responsibilities and exploring possible solutions by the various administrations with powers in animal protection and welfare.

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