Guardiola apologized to Kelvin Phillips for talking about his body and left a clear sentence

After your holidays, calvin phillips Returned to training with a few extra kilos, this is why pep guardiola To stay fit, they kicked him out of campus. The footballer complained about the manner of the coach, who publicly apologized and left an impressive phrase.

Kelvin Phillips is overweight

After having a great time in Leeds, calvin phillips was signed by Manchester City In exchange for 48 million euros, but he never got enough minutes and did not adapt, so he was loaned to West Ham.

After the holidays, he returned to training with some extra weight and speaking to ‘Mail Sport’ he revealed what happened. “I went to New York three or four days after Qatar. I kept flying all day. I ate breakfast, lunch, dinner and got off. I also slept during the flight. And straight to football… it had consumed the entire day. Water retention and stuff happens in flight. “It was really a misunderstanding.”

According to the midfielder, that’s when Pep Guardiola dropped him from the team, but not in such a pleasant way.

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Guardiola apologized to Phillips

Following that sequence, Pep Guardiola publicly apologized to the midfielder for how he approached the subject: “Yes, I’m sorry… It’s not bad to apologize once every eight years. But I’m very sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. So sorry.”

Like Klopp, Guardiola and Ferguson

Jurgen Klopp He dropped a bombshell by announcing that he would be leaving Liverpool at the end of the season. In that context, he wants to leave the club on top and today he is its leader. Premier League,

In this context, in January, the German was selected as the best coach in the English league, a fact he achieved for the tenth time. Thus, he joins a select group of five Premier League technical directors to have been awarded this feat on ten or more occasions.

He shares this luxury with Sir Alex Ferguson (27 times), Arsene Wenger (15), Pep Guardiola (11) and David Moyes (10).

Klopp and Guardiola

Rui Vieira/Lapresse

Mourinho on his rivalry with Guardiola

More than a decade ago and for many years, Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola lived in one of the main rivalries in the world of football due to their tactical concepts and different styles. The Portuguese, with their adaptation to the enemy, based on a strategy of neutrality and a fierce counterattack; Against a Catalans who prioritized – and prioritized – ball possession, prolonged possession in the opponent’s area, width of positions and rotation, regardless of the opponent’s posture.

In this framework, Maui referred to those mythological dualities.

“I’m from a generation that believes that what happens in a football match stays,” began the Portuguese.

And he added: “When my father died, Guardiola called me. When his mother died, I did the same. There are things people don’t see. I have only good feelings and respect for him.”

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