Guy Philippe pushed Haiti down a dangerous path of violence

Haiti has entered a new landscape of protests, destruction and threats, this time led by former coup rebel leader Guy Philippe, whose threats to seize power by force of arms have left the population on edge.

In addition to the forced closure of ministries and attacks on homes, there have been demonstrations, barricades and tire burning on public roads in the north-west, north and north-east of the country.

If there was any minimal hope left for moving forward a process of dialogue and understanding leading to reconciliation and peace in Haiti, forget it for now.

Guy Philip, deported from the United States for drug trafficking, which has worsened the situation in the country, came on November 30, 2023 to prevent any peaceful solution at any cost.

You have four options on the table: coup, coup, consensus or negotiations and elections.

In order of priorities, he wants power and more readily aspires to win it by arms. For them, the elections are at the end of the road, and they have demonstrated this with threats of a violent uprising to oust the government of Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

Philippe’s call for civil disobedience yesterday, a move that could mark the beginning of his war adventure, shakes the Haitian population, already saturated with uncertainty and violence.

“The time has come to overthrow this system that is constantly being revived,” he warned in a message posted on social networks.

As a result, he called on residents to “be prepared for revolution and initiation of hostilities” in the country’s departments.

Added to the grave threat from this individual is the threat from armed gangs determined to destroy what remains of government institutions in that country.

His political party, National Awakening for the Sovereignty of Haiti, has already announced that it does not rule out the possibility of taking power by force.

Philippe is active with his movement in communities near the border with the Dominican Republic, particularly in Juana Méndez, where he asked the Protected Area Security Brigade (BSAP) to continue supporting the Haitian population, as he did with canal irrigation. Was done for construction. Massacre River.

This weekend, thousands of his supporters demanded the resignation of Premier Ariel Henry, set up barricades, burned tires on the streets and attacked and stoned the home of former senator Sorel Jacinthe, a signatory of the December 21 accord.

According to Haitian media, due to this demonstration, commercial banks, schools and public offices closed their doors and small businesses and public transportation came to a standstill.

They have already made a defiant show of force, closing several public institutions located within a complex located on Avenue Emile Raumer.

These include departmental leadership from the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Social Affairs, Public Health and Population.

In his speeches, Guy Philippe insists on starting an armed rebellion and overthrowing the government. For this reason, he has already asked officials to resign from their posts, otherwise, they will be expelled by their “revolution”.


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