Hailey Bieber braves the cold in miniskirt and visible bra

With the latest publication on her Instagram account, inspiration Hailey Bieber is not afraid, nor is she afraid.

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Hailey has once again surprised her fans, who are always on the lookout for her hottest look, with an outfit that completely breaks the rules of year-end celebrations. In the snowy setting, Hailey is seen in cream and pastel shades with a sequin miniskirt, an oversized feathered coat and a pair of highlighted bralettes.

The yellow outfit reflects Hailey’s dark complexion. She also wears “Snow Fairy” makeup, which was launched a few weeks ago to promote her recent lip treatment. road, As an accessory, her “B” charm is worn around her neck, which she never takes off.

Mesmerized by her beauty, Alicia Moffett shares her look Story Instagram in return.

Instagram/Alicia Moffett

The singer and influencer also joked about the crazy short hair that inevitably grows out of a polished hairstyle.

Instagram/Alicia Moffett

We think Alicia is stunned by this look! In the still snowy environment, Hailey published a completely different look Story Instagram.

Instagram/Hailey Bieber

The all-black outfit that Hailey is wearing is a strange contrast to her previous outfits! In both cases we melt in front of the star!

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