Hailey Bieber removes dust from Christmas jacquard vest and succeeds in making it cool

Published on December 21, 2023 at 12:16 pm.

Hailey Bieber removes dust from Christmas jacquard vest and succeeds in making it cool

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American models have adopted this patterned weave in a modern and trendy way. A fashion lesson that will inspire us in the days to come.

After spending a few days with Kendall Jenner in Aspen, the most exclusive ski resort in the United States, Hailey Bieber is back in California to celebrate Christmas. The 27-year-old model is busy doing her last New Year’s Eve shopping and making her loved ones happy. And it looks like Justin Bieber’s wife is already dressed for winter and wearing a Nordic patterned jacquard cardigan for her shopping session on the famous Beverly Hills street, Rodeo Drive. A knit we typically associate more with granny dresses than trend-setting it-girl looks, and yet! Hailey Bieber managed to make this wool cardigan ultra-cool and trendy by pairing it with a pleated charcoal wool mini skirt. To make her knitwear more diverse, the model relied on some nice accessories: a black flocked baseball cap, black patent leather moccasins with white socks with graphic heels, as well as a black Hermès Birkin bag. Result ? A casual-chic seasonal look with a preppy look that even inspires us to bring out our old jacquard cardigans.

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How to wear a Christmas jacquard cardigan in a modern way?

Like Hailey Bieber, we break up the boring side of jacquard cardigans with cool and trendy pieces. The American It-girl outfit is easy to copy and reproduce, but other ways to wear this knit are also possible. For a denim look, choose a long denim skirt or baggy jeans, which will give us a modern look. With these pieces, we wear small sneakers with retro lines or moccasins with thick soles. If you want to create a slightly dressier outfit, replace the jeans with wide-leg pleated pants. If you want to be feminine yet comfortable, in this case, we love a long sweater dress or long knit skirt with our cardigan. With these looks, opt for a pair of knee-high leather and heeled boots. Of course, we do not overlook our jewelry: long necklaces or necklaces with large links and impressive earrings will be our allies to beautifully complete our jacquard cardigan outfits.

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