Hailey Bieber’s Rode Gloss Case, the Best Accessory of 2024?

Hailey Bieber’s Rode Lip Case: A Surprising Beauty Accessory

cosmetic sensation of the moment, Hailey Bieber’s Road Mark Broke all sales records and flooded social networks Tik Tok and Instagram. crowned with attractive price In 2023, the range of products (from) glossA tonerA freeze serum And a Cream strengthener), rich in peptides (proteins) and shea butter promises to give its consumers a glowing, sweet donut-style face and luscious and attractive complexion. shiny,

Since launching last September in France, the beauty label has continued to innovate with new collections, each more eye-catching than the last: from new candy pink and burgundy red shades for its glow, to cream Pineapple, watermelon or melon … without forgetting the promotional campaigns that accompany these releases, for which hailey bieber Posing on heavenly tropical beaches and highlighting everything that makes her successful – her natural beauty and her dream skin.

The latest product to date: a case for the iPhone 14 and 15, whose curved shape allows you to hang gloss road, so always keep your important things nearby. A piece of marketing genius, this ultra-original new accessory that no beauty brand has yet imagined allows consumers to keep lips hydrated and plump, everywhere and at any time. The opportunity to reveal, whether through a mirror selfie or every time you use your phone, that she has Hailey Bieber’s highly sought-after lip oil…

Rhodes Lip Case by Hailey Bieber, Available from 27th February rhodeskin.com,

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