Hair: Emma Watson returns to her iconic short cut

Published January 18, 2024 at 10:34 am.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson – ©Dave Bennett/Getty Images

Starring in the latest Prada campaign, the famous actress appeared with a short haircut proudly reminiscent of the one she wore more than 10 years ago.

Since the beginning of the year, it seems that girls’ hair is becoming dominated by shorts. Hailey Bieber, Adele, Meg Ryan or Luann, no matter their age, many celebrities have said goodbye to their height. Latest to go through scissor box? Beautiful Emma Watson. Starring in the latest Prada ad campaign, highlighting their “Re-Nylon Collection”, the actress appeared with a “pixie cut”, reminiscent of the cut she sported in 2010. Now she is 33 years old, which came forward. The general public thanks to her iconic role of Hermione Granger proves that all haircuts suit her perfectly.

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return of the pixie cut

Popularized by model Twiggy in the 60s and again in the early 2000s, the pixie cut is set to mark the current year. Featuring its short base at the back and its long, layered strands at the front, this boyish cut is available in endless variations. To see all the possible variations, just take a look at the styles adopted by our favorite celebrities. From Scarlett Johansson to Katy Perry to Cara Delevingne, everyone has reimagined this iconic cut in their own way. Be careful though: If you want to cut everything out, you don’t start at home alone and you definitely make an appointment with a professional.

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