How did Cade Cowell fit in with Chivas and what awaits ‘Chicharito’?

The Mexican-American attacker served as the pivot of the attack and as the left wing, there were good feelings in both positions

Front cade cowell debuted as a player Shivaj With a 0 to 1 loss against tigers However, on the field of the Universitario Stadium, the 20-year-old Mexican-American gave a good feeling during his first minutes with the Flock despite collective failure and a lack of strength at an individual level.

On matchday 2 of the Clausura 2024, Cade Cowell’s debut with the Chivas shirt began with adverse conditions, as torrential rain took over the game and Tigres had to enter the field as a replacement for José Juan Macías at 63′. Played a game before.

presence of cade cowell Immediate presence on the field meant more attacking dynamism in the attacking third, although the 20-year-old Mexican-American played as an attacking pivot rather than in his usual position as a left winger, and it took him a while to get the spotlight closer to his figure. .

At the age of 70, Roberto Alvarado Organize a luxury game with a ball pumped into the field Fernando BeltranWho kept the ball moving and made the first assist CowellHowever, the former San Jose Earthquakes player’s volley went wide of the left post. Two minutes later, Cowell A ball was almost sent over the goal line by Fernando Beltran with his head, but could not reach the ball after attempting a sweep.

with the departure of pavel perez By ronaldo cisneros Machinery on the bench, at 78′ Shivaj left wing freed cade cowellOne who responded with physical strength and speed to surprise the overtaker javier aquino Due to which he got the freedom to plan an attack on that side.

At 82′, after imposing physicality and running at Aquino, cade cowell He calmly controlled the ball from the center of the field towards the left corner of the field and lofted a ‘three-finger’ ball Roberto AlvaradoHowever, ‘Piozzo’ mistimed the volley and sent the ball over the crossbar.

Waiting for ‘Chicharito’…

With the imminent arrival of javier hernandezThe 35-year-old attacking center will have main competition for ownership jose juan maciaswhich was selected by the technician ShivajAs a starter in the attacking axis over Fernando Gago, Ronaldo Cisneros and the ‘forgotten’ Daniel Ríos, who has not been taken into account by the rojiblanco coaching staff.

In two Clausura 2024 games, jose juan macias He has played 148 minutes and more out of a possible 180 tigersGave a satisfactory performance as part of the collective, although he did not generate any personal arguments to stand on his position.

After 63 minutes on the field, jose juan macias He dropped some key passes within a recorded 27 touches of the ball; He also showed cooperative vision to distribute the ball and move into free space, however, he only had shots outside the frame on two occasions and one was blocked.

except for jose juan macias, cade cowell Took the reins as the pivot of the attack for 15 minutes, missed a few goal chances, then entered ronaldo cisneros (78′ and above) Antonio Briseno He took his place a few minutes before the final whistle.

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