The key to research day with health products

The key is to build rapport and increase Reforms in healthcare technology sector, Collaboration between industry, practitioners and professional researchers is one of the backbones of the field, relying on the exchange of ideas to move forward. Under this thesis, the “Update on Research with Health Products” conference was born, holding the event in person for the first time in 2024.

A meeting in which all parties interested in research come together to talk about the difficulties of the field and meeting points for the recognition of health products and which is a ‘fertilizer’ for the future of the field. medical writing Talk to three conference speakers Analyze what common points they reach And what the future of research in this area looks like.

José Ramón Rumoroso, interventional cardiologist at the Galdação University Hospital and general director of the Epic Foundation, comments that in this personalized edition he has a More than 270 registered partnerships, “We are overwhelmed,” he says. Furthermore, it highlights that this interaction during event breaks, which does not take place in online mode, is of great importance for professionals. “In addition, we deal with an absolutely timely topic Adequacy of health products There are many skepticism towards the applicable European regulations, and from researchers and industry in general,” he details.

José Ramón Rumoroso, interventional cardiologist at Galdação University Hospital.

“It is very interesting to see all the artists involved in the same session to define how to reach the best results with all the research in the field,” he says. Similarly, what topics have been discussed is highlighted Agree on methods for research Which adapts health products to the regulation and use of Artificial Intelligence in these types of processes so that it is effective in areas such as safety data.

Tips for better communication

Sarah Pich, director of the clinical department at the company iVascular, tells this newspaper the importance of strengthening collaboration between all parties involved in this type of process, especially large organizations. “I think we should look at a consultation process for Communicate with notified bodies and agenciesWould be ideal,” the professional proposes. What the pitch explains is that, when manufacturers want to introduce a product to achieve European recognition, the ideal would be for them to get it through “A”. Communication, Evaluation and Approval Process with the notified body to assure them that they will be granted recognition”.

Sarah Pich, director of the clinical department of the company iVascular.

Furthermore, the director talks about the support he receives from governments and assures that “although to some extent you feel supported” he believes that it would be ideal to have specific aid or subsidy programs for their activities. “For example, if we talk Implementation of clinical research for the development of health technologies“We would like state or national governments to provide us with a financial assistance program that would cover part of these clinical investigations,” he explains.

Balancing factors for research

Cardiologist Ernest Spitzer, CEO of Cardialysis, comments on what countries and companies should learn get efficient activity, as far as research is concerned. “I think we can all learn from each other,” the doctor says. Professionals highlight how important it is to balance the ethical and financial factors of collaboration and research. “This dialogue cannot be separated, it must always go together,” he says.

Ernest Spitzer, cardiologist and CEO of Cardialysis.

As an objective, it asks that everyone “work harder on their responsibilities” and improve communication between all performers. He recalls, “For example, these types of meetings show the different perspectives of research participants.”

Jose Ramon Rumoroso comments this Next appointment will be on 16 January 2025 And that “it will be no short day.” “We realized that more participation with practical examples is necessary,” he assures and highlights that a panel of experts “can solve difficult problems, become the seed of new projects and research “

As a preview, Rumoroso let it be known that they were considering “doing some kind of thing”. practical workshop“To solve day-to-day issues. “In a year we will have a good day with many new things,” he concluded.

Although it may include statements, data, or notes from health institutions or professionals, the information contained in medical writing is edited and prepared by journalists. We advise the reader to consult a health care professional with any health related questions.

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