Haiti: BSAP soldiers start “revolution” in Juana Méndez

a member of brigade Of Supervision of protected areas (BSAP) Haiti’s so-called “March of the” began this Monday Revolution” Asking the Prime Minister to resign ariel henry,

hundreds of protesters In support of former coup plotter Guy Philippe they toured various streets of the border town with Djabon, shouting: “Get out ariel henrywe want a new one haiti“We want elections.”

a member of BSAP to do together protesters They were wearing masks and were heavily armed, maintaining surveillance and expressing that “Revolution“It has begun.

a member of BSAP Of haiti They expressed that they are supporting it City in its claim against Government,

“We are here to protect the situation and, at the same time, to support the population in their movement haiti “This is extremely worrying for everyone,” one of them said.

market marginal

Today’s market marginal Less than 10% of flows held in Dajabon merchants haiti who expressed that they had avoided crossing it market marginal Because of the barricades and the chaos created in that country, whereas merchants The Dominicans said that they kept all the sales in their chambers.

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