Harry Styles: 8 fans tell us about their admiration for the artist

Following the release of his third album “Harry’s House” (2022), consisting of hits and ballads, Harry Styles has performed in concerts around the world – including two dates at the Stade de France in June 2023. Ubiquitous on the music scene, but that’s not all… The former member of One Direction also confirmed his acting talent. After the first attempt in the cinema in “Dunkirk” (2007) by Christopher Nolan, the Englishman appeared with Florence Pugh in “Don’t Worry Darling”, then with Emma Corrin in “My Policeman” (on Prime Video).

On this occasion, we asked the artist’s fans from France and England to tell us what they like so much about him.

Camille, 21, student: “When they released their first single, I skipped my morning class to listen to them on the radio”

“I became a big fan of One Direction when they performed with One Direction at the London Olympics in 2012. I immediately liked Harry’s kindness and goodwill towards the other members of the group. He stood out for his charisma. I grew up with him and never stopped following what he does. I was at the premiere when he released his first solo single. I skipped my morning class to listen to the first broadcast on BBC One. The song moved me.

I was very lucky, I saw him four times in concerts. In 2017, in Olympia, my first concert: a complete outfit not unlike the one I had when I lived in Paris. Then in 2018, coming to Bercy, at 6 am. This is a very important concert to me because Harry saw me during “Sign of the Times”. I had a sign, I held it out, he looked at it and he kissed me with his hand. When you admire an artist for so many years, it’s incredible to see that you’re not just a follower. And at the beginning of the summer, I went to Glasgow. I wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was as a teenager, but I certainly felt proud. ,

His favorite song? “sign of the times”.

harry styles 2018 bursi

In Bercy in 2018.

Dan, 31, marketing manager and owner of TikTok account @dancashio: “I’ve always considered my love for One Direction a guilty pleasure”

“I fell in love with Harry’s solo albums. From the single “Sign of the Times”, I knew his career was going to be huge. He’s one of my favorite contemporary male voices. His lyricism and writing are amazing. I’ve always considered my love of One Direction a guilty pleasure, and I’ve been made fun of about it a lot, but I think Harry Styles is a really positive role model. She has built a community of fans who find great strength and comfort in the way she presents herself to the world. ,

His favorite song? “Sweet Creature” and “Satellite”.

Constance, 23, student: “Being a Harry fan had a butterfly effect on my life”

“I’ve been a Harry fan since I was 11, almost half my life. I discovered One Direction in middle school – when I saw the music video for “What Makes You Beautiful”, and I was instantly hooked. This has become a favorite topic of conversation with my friends. Everyone had their own favourite. For me, it was Harry immediately. I really like their music and their values.

Being his fan has had a butterfly effect on my life. As a teen, I wrote fanfiction and discovered a real passion for writing. And it’s also thanks to One Direction that I learned English. I developed an interest in British culture, studied the language and am now doing a master’s degree in international communications. ,

His favorite song? “sign of the times”.

Sarah, 26, journalist: “I also have a tattoo related to Harry Styles”

“My personality has always been that of a fangirl, I’m one of those people who really admires celebrities. But since the first lockdown in March 2020, I have only been a Harry Styles fan. I didn’t know One Direction at all and on TikTok, that’s all my algorithm showed me.

Thanks to Harry, I met an incredible community of fans. I saw them in concert three times in recent months during their “Love on Tour”: in London, Stockholm and Paris. In fact, I even have a tattoo related to Harry. I have a sunflower on my ankle that says “TPWK” (“Treat People Kindly”) which is somewhat like its slogan. ,

His favorite song? “fine line.”


In June 2022 at Wembley, London.

Jean, 24, student: “As a teenager, I kissed my One Direction poster”

“I’ve been a fan of The X Factor since 2010. That was the trigger. At the time, I was in college and some friends who watched the show showed it to me. I became a big fan of his: I had posters of him in my room and I kissed them. After One Direction, I followed everyone’s career. It’s a little more work! But I like Harry’s career. When I saw him in Basel in 2018 for his first solo tour, I cried like a baby as soon as he came on stage…”

His favorite song? “it’s falling.”

jean concert harry bell

In Basel, in 2018.

Victoire, 20 years old, student: “Thanks to her, I became closer to my sister”

“I discovered Harry Styles thanks to my older sister who was listening to One Direction on repeat in 2010. It came to fruition four years ago when he began breaking the rules of masculinity. I got the second click when I saw them in concert at Wembley in London a few months ago. There was an incredible community. Everyone was pleasant. We hugged each other during the concert. On stage, Harry knows the audience is in for a crazy experience. When I saw all the love in this stadium, I understood that he is not an artist like others.

I’m going to see him in Paris in June 2023 with my sister and parents, who consider him the new Freddie Mercury. Plus, I’m four years younger than my sister and we grew apart a lot during my teenage years. Thanks to Harry Styles, we now have something in common that brings us together. ,

His favorite song? “Boyfriends” and “Satellite”.

Emmanuel, 42 years old, teaching assistant: “I see him growing, developing artistically and it fills me with pride”

“I’ve been a fan of Harry since 2015, even though I discovered him with One Direction. I like his freedom to be, his way of breaking the rules, changing clothes and make-up while maintaining his masculinity. I see him growing artistically and it fills me with pride. I wouldn’t even go camping all night in front of its concert hall. I support him by buying his stuff, his records. I finally saw them at the Accor Arena in July, the first time, with VIP seats. I was in the lead and it was incredible. I’m going back to see them for two of their concerts at the Stade de France in June 2023. ,

His favorite song? “Two ghosts.”

Camille, 26, in charge of public relations at a theater: “My 50-year-old uncle also loves Harry Styles”

“During the captivity, something clicked and I became his fan. I spent a lot of time on TikTok. I had One Direction and Harry Styles on my homepage, although I had never heard of it, although I remember well the release of their first single and the music video directed by Woodkid, which was released in 2017. I like their music the most, pop, but also rock. And TikTok showed me a side to his personality. It was here that I came to know some impossible stories about him.

After prison, with an uncle of mine, who I’m close to, we realized that we both rediscovered One Direction at the same time. He is over 50 and loves Harry Styles. I was with him and some friends at his concert in July. I’ve done a lot of concerts in my life but this one exudes kindness. It’s really a safe place. ,

His favorite song? “Meet Me in the Hallway”, “Golden” and “Love of My Life”.

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