Harry Styles fan? There may be a job for you in his hometown

If you know absolutely everything about Harry Styles, there may be a job for you in his hometown as it is looking for fans of the singer to organize guided tours in the former One Direction member’s footsteps.

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Overwhelmed by young visitors from all over the world, the town of Holmes Chapel in England decided to hold its own pilgrimage, primarily to prevent some fans from putting themselves in danger.

In fact, many Harry Styles fans have sometimes ventured to the bridge where the singer’s first kiss took place, even though it is located near a busy road, as reported Guardian Tuesday

So a community group in the village has opted to create their own official tours and is looking for fans of the ex-One Direction member to lead them.

The call was heard as many people expressed their interest in the role, forcing the village residents to organize an audition day similar to The X Factor, a show in which Harry Styles was revealed.

Peter Whears, chairman of the community group, told British media that fans aged 16 and over, but “older people” can also apply.

Among the visited places, we will find the bakery where the interpreter watermelon sugarBut also the school where he went, the house where he grew up, but also the Chinese restaurant where he once took Taylor Swift, without forgetting the famous bridge.

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