Have you seen this Netflix movie that made the audience scream?

Released on Netflix in November 2023, this French comedy was one of the year-end hits on the streaming platform. This is a real success for this new creation of Julian Royal.

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The film will be released in November 2023 new rich, was one of the year-end hits on the streaming platform. A real success for this French comedy directed by Julien Royal (catching fish), which is mainly due to its casting. With Naseem Laiz and Zoey Marshall – the two main actors are already in a couple more than enough (Prime Video) By Olivier Martial – We found other famous French actors. What is amazing is its supercharged scenario, its stunts and sharp lines.

“I’ve never laughed so much” : comedy new rich Grabs viewers’ attention on Netflix

The film, which rocketed to the top of the top 10 most watched feature films on Netflix at the moment following its release, appears to be a big favorite with the platform’s subscribers, most of whom praise its infectious humor. ,I was laughing from beginning to end“, comments one Internet user who gives it a score of 10/10. He’s not the only one to praise the film’s comedic potential.”the movie is very funny,I have never laughed so much at a movie, I even cried while laughing. Even in the end, it’s a lot of fun“, assured two other subscribers of the forum. One of the most laudatory reviews goes to this other fan, who goes to the extent of placing the feature film among the best productions in the Netflix catalogue.After filming its most complex first ten minutes to date, nouveau riche is a real success, topping the Netflix basket,

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new rich Cameos from: Adele Exarchopoulos and Guillaume Canet

When Netflix was promoting the film, the American company promised us “Rom com like we’ve rarely seen“. On the one hand, we have Youss (Nasim Lais), a fraudster of the first order, unlucky in love, who does not have a penny in his pocket. During a festive evening, he meets a certain Stephanie , who is a young woman with integrity. and the “rude man” who has serious assets: millions of euros in cryptocurrencies. Then Yus sees an opportunity to become rich and gets close to her. In addition to this caustic couple, the film is filled with two surprising There are benefits from cameos. First, Adèle Exarchopoulos and Guillaume Canet, whose performances do not go unnoticed in the film. Other guests, such as Panayotis Pascott, Gustave Cervern, Kenza Fortas and even comedian Hakim Djemili.

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