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On March 31, Netflix will remove the film The Blind Side (with Sandra Bullock) from its catalog. An opportunity to return to the true story on which it is inspired, which experienced an unexpected twist in 2023.

In 2010, The Blind Side was released on our screens, a powerful and poignant film about a young black American who finds his way back thanks to the love of his adoptive family and his talent for football. That year, Sandra Bullock won her first (and only) Oscar for her role as Leigh Ann Tuohy, who welcomes a high school student into her home.

This Michael Oher that the movie talks about really exists. After a complicated childhood and a school career full of difficulties, he thought he had found the perfect foster home when he met the Tuohys. Everything in his story is like a fairy tale: the high school student signs contracts with prestigious universities and American football teams, he begins to earn a little money and can finally take his freedom. ,

But 20 years later, when she realizes that her adoptive family may have taken advantage of her, she becomes disillusioned. A twist that we tell you in this episode of our podcast “It’s a True Story” which tells the true but lesser-known stories behind your favorite movies and series.

The Blind Side is leaving Netflix on March 31.

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