He has kept this secret hidden for years

While their engagement was announced to the press this week, Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin actually decided to get married years ago.

Second marriage for Chris Martin? The Coldplay frontman is reportedly set to marry Dakota Johnson. The actresses have shared their lives since 2017, but both the actors, particularly discreet about their personal lives, are rarely seen together, making it difficult to know their romantic status. At the time, a source told “Us Weekly” magazine: “Chris fell in love at first sight. He likes the fact that she doesn’t put herself in the spotlight and is very discreet. » For her part, Dakota Johnson’s mother, Melanie Griffith, hasn’t hesitated from the beginning of their story to be excited for the man who will probably one day officially become her stepson. “I love him,” she told “People.” Said from. “But she (Dakota Johnson) is very private about her personal life and I respect that.”

This week, “Mirror” claimed that the 47-year-old singer and his 34-year-old girlfriend finally got engaged. According to British media, she also received support from Chris Martin’s ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, with whom he had two children, Apple and Moses. However, the magazine “People” specifies that the “Yellow” interpreter and his girlfriend may have actually been engaged for years and may have only kept it a secret because they “did not want to rush into organizing a wedding ceremony”.

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Their engagement may actually date back to 2020, a year during which the ’50 Shades of Grey’ star appeared with an emerald ring on her left hand. “The couple got engaged some time ago and kept the news private. But now they are talking openly about this in their circle. They loved each other from day one, so taking the next step was inevitable. “They’re in no rush to plan a wedding, but they just want to make their engagement official,” a source told the Mirror this week.

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A happy and collaborative blended family

News that delights those around him, starting with Gwyneth Paltrow, who did not stop saying nice things about Dakota Johnson on Instagram last October. “I love him very much. He’s an adorable and wonderful person,” she said, emphasizing that she remains good friends with her ex-husband.

As far as her children, aged 19 and 17, are concerned, they also get along very well with their mother-in-law. Dakota Johnson, interviewed by “Bustle” in early March, said: “I love these kids like my life depended on it. Literally with all my heart.” Chris Martin expresses himself best in song. In 2021, Coldplay celebrated the release of their latest album, “Music of the Spheres” at England’s famous Shepherd’s Bush Empire venue. And while the cast played their latest hit “My Universe” — a collaboration with South Korean group BTS — Chris Martin spoke directly to the actress. “This song is about my world, and it’s right there”He said, pointing towards her, while Dakota Johnson did not hide her emotions at the top of the balcony she was on.

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