“He is a little ungrateful to me; “He lies a lot”


Barcelona right-back, Joao Cancelo, revealed to newspaper ‘A Bola’ that he did not leave Manchester City in a good way: “I think he was a bit ungrateful towards me.”

Cancelo is a current Barcelona player but he hails from Manchester City and that is why he revealed how his relationship with Pep Guardiola, who was his coach, ended.

Real Madrid ‘celebrates’ and Guardiola regrets it: City player who was injured two weeks before playing in Champions League

“When he says something he has more power than me and I like to keep it to myself. “I like to know that I’m telling the truth, I feel satisfied with what I did.”

It should be remembered that the Catalan coach had publicly stated that Cancelo was “not happy” with a game by his teammates Luis and Ake.

“Lied! I’ve never been a bad partner and you can ask AK or Rico. I have no superiority or inferiority complex towards him, but this is the coach’s opinion…” he said.

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The Portuguese is disappointed with the Manchester team. The full-back confirmed that he “never failed in his commitment to the club” and added that “he gave everything.”

“I remember a moment when I was attacked and the next day I was playing at the Emirates against Arsenal. He concluded, “These are things that cannot be forgotten, I left my wife and daughter alone at home in fear.”

By On the other hand, he gave an explanation as to why he did not publicly celebrate the treble achieved by Manchester City because he was also the winner.

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“I will not be a hypocrite. It’s not the trophies that matter to me, because they’re already at my house. The recovery of my daughter, my wife, my father, my brother and everything I wanted on a personal level…these are the greatest achievements. Trophies at sporting level are the result of hard work every day throughout the season. In that Champions League I made a few assists in the group stage, but I felt like I didn’t win!

Current events in Barcelona

“We have already left the Copa del Rey and lost the Super Cup, but we continue to fight for the league championship, although we are 8 points behind Real Madrid. In addition, we are in the quarter-finals of the Champions League , a stage where the club has not reached in 4 years. It is a special moment for me, because I am from Barcelona.

“People look at the statistics and I think I had better moments at Manchester City, but then the numbers were not as good as at Barca. “I don’t focus on that, I enjoy it game by game, but yes, for me this season has been very positive, even if collectively in the Championship we are not where we want to be.” He expressed about his personal performance.

Guardiola reveals to Manchester City figure: “He is a bit ungrateful to me;


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