He talked about getting to the Yankees

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind about the arrival of juan soto To new York Yankees It’s a perfect marriage, the Dominicans need the franchise and the franchise needs the Dominicans. from landing to New York City, Quisquean does not stop evoking a sense of rage and optimism. In fact, the first results come from his bat. spring training 2024They confirm it.

In nine games of 2024, juan soto He has a powerful offensive line averaging .375/.423/.1381. Additionally, he has already collected four home runs, 10 RBI and six runs scored. He had nine hits (six of them extra-base hits) and two walks, and struck out five times.

Juan Soto reveals the secret

in the first instance juan soto Commented that: “I’m happy to be here and be a part of an organization like the Yankees. It’s a great thing for me, so many people, so many fans cheering for the Yankees, it feels like it’s very exciting to be a Yankee, it’s an important part of my career. “I’m happy to be in the best shape physically and mentally.”,

Caribbean talked about his change to outfielder because initially his idea was to become professional by any means, becoming a pitcher was a considered option. “At the end of the day the goal was to become a professional, one of the easiest things was to become a pitcher. I was a pitcher and one day one of my coaches looked at me and said to me, ‘You’ve got talent, you know what it’s like to be a hitter, let’s treat it like an outfield,’ and thank God it happened. ‘revealed juan soto,

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