Health announced a law to protect minors from alcohol

Health Minister Mónica García announced this Friday that she is working on a draft law to protect the health of minors against alcohol, with the aim of harmonizing the different regulations on its consumption, advertising and sale, and this includes pregnant women. Women will also participate.

“With this draft law the Ministry wants to advance in matters of protection and promotion of the health of minors, and contribute to a cultural change that will reduce the risks of alcoholic beverages among minors, especially youth, in order to reduce their consumption. “Revises the notion of eras,” said García, who has appeared for the first time and at his own request in the Congress of Deputies to explain the policies that his department wants to implement in this legislature.

He has defended that his team and government are here Building “21st Century Healthcare”Like former Health Minister Ernest Luch, “it did so in the 20th century with the approval of the General Health Act 38 years ago.”

Its first announcement on February 9 focuses on primary care and calls Monographic Interterritorial Council At that meeting regarding primary care, demanded by several autonomous communities, he said that the Ministry will propose to councilors Creation of Primary Care Commission So that the primary school has a stable and developmental role between the autonomous communities and the Ministry, our health service needs the adoption of joint measures and the exchange of good practices.”

García also announced the imminent approval of the State Public Health Agency “in the next Council of Ministers” so that the Congress of Deputies “can give it” Green signal in the next quarter”, In relation to this, he highlighted that “it will be the center of closer and more effective cooperation between different entities, from the public administration to health professionals” and said that the agency “will not only coordinate responses to emergencies, but also Will also guide you.” public health policy development and will be a major resource for training of professionals To prepare them to face the challenges of the future”,

shield of direct management

The ministry, as it has said, will promote universalism legislation and “legislation to shield the direct management” of health care and has cited some studies that say, as it explained, that “privatization is associated with an increase in mortality rates.” Is related to growth.

Regarding the Framework Law, he indicates that he is confident that the reform “will be ready this year”, and then talks about pros, as did also the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, that “last weekend “The largest job offer has been made for health professionals, with more than 11,000 positions.” He pointed out that there is “no point” in training more professionals “if they don’t want to stay afterwards.” That’s why he said That the Ministry will “work to retain and attract talent, and also to train and retain these professionals.” It has also announced a 15% increase in specialty training places in Family Medicine, meaning That “since the 2017/2018 call, the offer will increase by a thousand places.”

With regard to primary care, which he described as “the backbone of the system”, he pointed out that this would save the idea. self discharge To relieve doctors from bureaucracy and to do so with the help of the Labor Ministry.

tobacco plan

During this, the minister also indicated that this year 2024 A comprehensive smoking plan will be approved, “following its implementation and launch”, which will, among other measures, expand smoke-free public spaces and consider new forms of consumption that “pose risks to the youngest people.” ” He stressed that during previous processing of the scheme there were “allegations of compliance problems, economic and employment losses and social conflict”, which he considered “incorrect”, adding: “We have sufficient experience and accumulated scientific evidence To know that cutting down on smoking can only have positive effects.

Regarding waiting lists, he reminded that the royal decree governing them “is 20 years old and should be updated and expanded.” He then referred to Regulation of cannabis for medical use To which he said he would be “guided by scientific rigor to incorporate this. We have a clear roadmap and we are clear about the steps we are going to take,” the minister said.

In his idea of ​​”expanding the national health system”, he mentioned rare diseases on which “we will act -” he said – A care plan for these disorders In which ALS will also be present.

The ministry is “working on this too.” Draft law on alcohol addiction of young people who want to contribute to cultural change in the region” and “also in an action plan before the suicide,” García said.

Regarding the portfolio of services, Garcia explained that Oral health provision will continue to expand progressively SNS includes children and adolescents, pregnant women and people with intellectual disability and mobility-limiting disability. And he has announced that “work will be started to include the population over 65 years of age also in the priority groups.” “We are talking about almost 1 in 3 Spaniards benefiting from this measure. It is one of the most ambitious projects of the ministry in these 4 years,” he said.

Likewise, he assured that, throughout the Legislature, Health intends to include visual health, glasses and contact lenses in the common portfolio.


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