Here’s why their relationship broke up 3 days before their wedding in 2003

In the documentary “The Greatest Love Story Never Told”, which aired on Prime, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck revealed the reason for their breakup just three days before their wedding in 2003.

Finally the answer! in the documentary The greatest love story never told, Available at main, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Finally answer the question everyone is asking. In fact, the couple explains Why did they end their marriage and get separated in 2003? a breakdown that will be directly related Hyper-media coverage of their relationship, Exactly like what happened between Lara Fabian and Patrick Fiori in 2000.

“Ben and I broke up three days before our wedding,” Jennifer Lopez explains on camera. Before adding: “We had planned a big wedding, 14 witnesses and bridesmaids. And three days before, We collapsed under the pressure”, Tara believes.

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The press is responsible for their breakup

For his part, Ben Affleck confirms by hinting: “When Jen and I first broke up, the catalyst was an investigation into our personal lives.” In fact, the American actor explains that he has always been against exposing his personal life to the press. “I had a very keen sense of the boundaries around the press, whereas Jane didn’t object to it like I did,” He believes.

A different approach to managing their media coverage led to their separation. And this breakup was difficult for both of them to bear. “I not only felt the way I did The love of my life is lost, “I also feel like I’ve lost my best friend ever.” JLo has regrets.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunite after 20 years

However, then everyone rebuilt their lives on their own. Actually, Jennifer Lopez married a singer Marc Anthony With whom he had two children, Max and Emme. As for Ben Affleck, he married a beautiful jennifer garner In 2005, the mother of his three children. But after 20 years of separation, the couple finally found each other again.

Obviously, the topic of the press, or rather social networks from now on, immediately came up again when they got back together. “When it came time to get back together, I said, ‘Look, one of the things I don’t want to, it’s a social media relationship. And then I realized it wasn’t the right thing to ask.” Ben Affleck explains. So the actor has poured water into his wine on this subject, the proof of which is with the release of this documentary.

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