“He’s the best I’ve ever encountered.”

2024 harvest major League Baseball It promises to be a high caliber show. Offseason activities have protected teams and new York Yankees with juan soto It seems, at least so far, they are the biggest beneficiaries in the exchange balance.

movements of brian cashman They weren’t the only ones around the Quisquean. Bronx management also took over services that had always been controversial, marcus stroman,

former pitcher of chicago cubs agree with new York Yankees for two more seasons $37 million, In principle, this union appears to be positive for all parties.

New York This is the most media city big leagueFans also play a fundamental role in all this Starman He likes to make headlines. “I am someone who always wants challenges and someone who is always ready to face them. I think it’s a perfect combination.”commented on the matter.

Additionally, it was quick to talk about the law through videoconferencing. juan soto,

Marcus Stroman praised the work of Juan Soto

Starman And to do this They are remembered together when they acted in a great moment San Diego, while their former teams faced each other. Famous “shuffle” Of to do this was parodied by marcus strauman After he got out. This situation only brought smiles from both the parties and it was left to be remembered.

However, this situation did not progress beyond that. Starman He sincerely respects the work of juan soto And this was confirmed in his speech on 18 January.

“Juan Soto is the best hitter I have ever faced”he assured marcus,

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