Hezbollah fired 60 missiles at Israeli barracks after the death of a terrorist leader in southern Lebanon

Clouds of smoke rising from Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, Lebanese sources said as Israeli air strikes killed at least two Hezbollah members (Reuters)

Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah announced this 60 rockets fired at Israeli army barracks This Monday in response to the bombing in the Bekaa Valley, an important stronghold of the armed movement in eastern Lebanon, which has never been attacked during the current conflict.

He indicated, “In response to the Zionist offensive around the city of Baalbek in the Bekaa (…) the Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance attacked the headquarters of the Golan Division in Naffa with 60 ‘Katyusha’ rockets.” Hezbollah said in a statement.

Israeli planes bombed two different points this morning Located a few kilometers from the tourist town of Baalbek, it was the first attack against that area since hostilities between the two actors began more than four months ago.

A source close to Hezbollah confirmed this to the agency efe He At least two people died as a result of the air strikeWhile the group later announced the death of two of its members from the Bekaa Valley in separate statements, without giving further details.

The situation on the border between Israel and Lebanon is becoming increasingly tense (Reuters/Evelyn Hockstein)

According to the Israeli version, the fighters targeted the terrorist group’s air defense positions and did so in response to a previous launch of a surface-to-air missile against a Jewish state drone flying over southern Lebanon.

For its part, the Lebanese Civil Defense reported on social networks Israeli attacks on the Bekaa caused a fire in a two-story house and a shed.

Amid an intense day of shooting, the Lebanese Rescue Organization also indicated that a vehicle was hit in another Israeli bombing in the Majdal area in the south of the country where local media reported at least two other deaths. Was. ,

for its part, The Israeli army claimed this Monday that it had killed the head of Hezbollah’s Nasser unitFighter planes attack the city of Tire in southern Lebanon.

is about hassan hussain salamiAccording to a military statement reported today, he commanded attacks against “civilian and military objectives” in the north, such as “the launch of anti-tank missiles towards the Kiryat Shmona area or against the headquarters of the (Israeli) 769 Brigade ” ,

Israeli forces claim to have killed a Hezbollah militant leader in southern Lebanon (Reuters/Aziz Taher)

Israel notes that its bombings occurred earlier Lebanon launches surface-to-air missile at Hames droneIn addition to the explosion of missiles, which shot down an aerial object “within Lebanese territory”, the army reported.

The border between Israel and Lebanon is experiencing its highest peak of tension since the beginning of the war in Gaza in 2006 with intense firing that has claimed the lives of more than 300 people, including about 218 of them Are included. Hezbollah also confirmed casualties in Syria.

In Israel, 16 people have been killed on the northern border (10 soldiers and 6 civilians); While on the other side of the border at least 285 people have been killed, including, in addition to Hezbollah militiamen, about 32 members of the Palestinian militia, one soldier and 34 civilians – including ten minors and three journalists.

Israel had already carried out some selective bombing of areas far from the border, including a bombing on the outskirts of Beirut that killed the Palestinian Islamic Movement’s number two Hamas leader last January. Saleh Al ArouriBut till now he had not attacked the Bekaa Valley.

The clashes, the worst since the parties fought a war in 2006, intensified with major attacks in the past two weeks.

(with information from EFE)

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